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WhatsApp Banned Your Number?Remove WhatsApp Ban in 2019

WhatsApp Banned Your Number? Remove WhatsApp Ban in 2019

You are here because you may probably get a message from WhatsApp saying that “Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help”. Yes, they really mean it. Sorry to say that WhatsApp banned your number from using their services from now.

WhatsApp Banned Your Number?Remove WhatsApp Ban

Daily I am getting more than a couple of messages and emails asking about how to remove WhatsApp ban on a number. That is the main reason I decided to talk to about how to lift the WhatsApp ban on your number.

As you know WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application available today. It was introduced as an SMS alternative app for both Android and iOS. WhatsApp has evolved a lot, and now you can send Images, Videos, Apps, etc. through WhatsApp.

Why WhatsApp Banned My Number?

For safety and security, WhatsApp has strict Terms and Conditions in place. Your number banned from using WhatsApp because WhatsApp Team feels that you have violated any of the WhatsApp Terms and Conditions. WhatsApp Ban a number instantly if you do any of the following practices which are a clear violation of their policies.

Based on the severity of policy violation, WhatsApp Ban your number either temporarily or permanently. A temporary ban will get removed within a few days or weeks.

You do not need to do anything if it is a temporary ban. Otherwise, you are in real trouble.  The probability of lifting a permanent WhatsApp ban is very less.

Why WhatsApp Banning Number?

The simple answer is that you have misused WhatsApp and they banned your number. Most people are unaware of WhatsApp terms and conditions as they do not go through it. People read it only when they got a temporary or permanent ban from using WhatsApp.

For you, I have listed down few important points which you should remember while using WhatsApp to avoid a ban on your number.

1. Sending Bulk Messages

Sending bulk messages is against WhatsApp Policy. WhatsApp considers it as clear evidence of spam, and it can be a reason for getting banned from using WhatsApp. Never Sent bulk messages if you want to use WhatsApp for long.

WhatsApp value the privacy of their users and any breach into their privacy will ban your account from using WhatsApp Services.

2. Use of WhatsApp Mod

As per the recent announcement, WhatsApp starts to temporarily ban people those who use WhatsApp mods especially as GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. If you are a WhatsApp Mod user and you get a message saying that “Temporarily Banned” means that you have to stop the usage of forked WhatsApp versions.

3. Sending Adult Contents

Never send adult contents through WhatsApp to protect your privacy as well as your WhatsApp account.

Forget about your WhatsApp Account, if you have sent adult contents through WhatsApp. WhatsApp will permanently ban your account and never think about lifting the ban on your number.

4. Creating Multiple Groups

Creating multiple groups is not allowed as per WhatsApp Terms of Services. WhatsApp considers it as a clear sign of spam.

Creating multiple Broadcasts in a short period is also as dangerous as creating groups.

5. Your Number Reported to WhatsApp

WhatsApp would ban your number if your number got reported multiple times by other users. In that case, WhatsApp can ban your number to protect other users privacy. Never send many messages to people strangers as they are more prone to report your number.

WhatsApp Ban Message

WhatsApp Ban Message

For business purpose, download WhatsApp Business app from Google Play Store to avoid WhatsApp ban on your number.

How to Remove WhatsApp Ban?

I am really sorry to tell you that chance of getting a WhatsApp number unbanned is very less. If you have committed any of serious policy violations such as sending sexual contents, hatred messages, violence or anything which is against the law, then please stop reading here and create a new account using a new mobile number.

Anyway, let us try to lift the ban on your WhatsApp number here. Follow the instructions carefully.

1. Uninstall and Reinstall WhatsApp

Try this method if your number banned from using WhatsApp if you are on official WhatsApp.

  • Uninstall the app from your mobile phone and reinstall it again after clearing the cache on your mobile phone.
  • A lot of cache clearing apps are available for download in Google Play Store. You can use any of these apps as per your wish.
  • Download updated WhatsApp from here.
  • Now open WhatsApp and enter your mobile number in the dedicated space for verification and press ok. As you press on” OK”, a menu will pop up like below.
  • Now tap on the “Support” icon.
  • As you tap on support, you will get an option to enter your problem. Write an explanation letter for policy violation over there and also promise them that you will never do such a violation in future. (Here luck matters). Also, attach some screenshots of the error and tap on “Next.”
  • Now tap on “THIS DOES NOT ANSWER MY QUESTION” at the bottom and which leads to your email app.
  • WhatsApp will automatically fill all the details and do not need to write anything over there.
  • Now send the mail.
  • Done.

After writing an email to WhatsApp, it may take a few weeks to get a replay. One of my readers did not get a replay even after one month his WhatsApp ban got lifted after one month and two weeks.

2. Switch to Official WhatsApp

If you are getting a message “WhatsApp Banned Temporarily”, then you have to switch to official WhatsApp as soon as possible to avoid a permanent ban.

WhatsApp recently started to ban the account of people those who use a WhatsApp Mod especially those who use apps like GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus.WhatsApp Banned

WhatsApp Banned

If you get such a message on a WhatsApp Mod, then it means that WhatsApp has temporarily banned your number from using WhatsApp, but you can continue to use it again after the time specified on the message. The time may be different for different people.

After the time specified on the message, you can download official WhatsApp and use it normally as before.

WhatsApp allows you to back up all the data from GB WhatsApp while switching to official WhatsApp. I have already written an article on how to switch from GB WhatsApp to official WhatsApp without losing chat.

WhatsApp will permanently ban your number if you continue to use the modified version of WhatsApp.

As I said earlier, you do not need to do anything if your WhatsApp banned temporarily while using official WhatsApp as they will remove the ban in a few days. But the duration of a temporary ban is difficult to predict.


If you did not get a replay from the WhatsApp team for a few weeks, then there is no trick left to unblock your banned WhatsApp number. In this case, the only solution is to register for a new WhatsApp with a new number. Also, remember not to repeat the mistake as you may get banned from using WhatsApp again even without warning.

It is always better to obey WhatsApp Terms of Services to use WhatsApp without any interception. You do not need to go through WhatsApp Terms of Service page as I have already summarised the main points at the beginning of the article.

Share this article with your friends and loved one as it may help them to use WhatsApp safety.

Note: We are not affiliated or associate with WhatsApp or any of its associated members. The decision to lift the ban on WhatsApp is completely subjected to the decision of WhatsApp Team.

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