What You Might Not Know About Drug Testing For A New Job

Most companies will require you to pass a drug test before hiring you. If you are not familiar with such a practice, here is some basic information that can help. Basic drug testing became popular after the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988. The test typically screens for illegal substances such as cocaine, opiates, or THC. There are several ways to conduct a drug test, but a urine test remains the most common. Other tests include blood, saliva, and hair tests. While urine test shows recent drug use, hair drug tests can provide information from one to six months back. The procedure of a drug test depends on cost and the time frame of testing. Read to discover things you might not know about drug testing for a new job.

1. Why you require Pre-employment Drug Testing. Alcohol and substance abuse are dangerous in the workplace. Alcohol and drugs affect concentration and judgment, thus putting both the abuser and coworkers in danger. Drug abuse can cost employers a tremendous amount of money to cover things such as sick days, injuries, and lost productivity. A company can spend millions if an employee causes an accident while under the influence of drugs. The best strategy to reduce these costs is to conduct a drug test. Listing a pre-employment drug test as one of the requirements can prevent abusers from applying for the position.

2. Legality. Pre-employment drug testing is legal. Employers have the right to maintain a drug-free workplace. As such, employers do not have to justify drug testing with safety concerns or specific roles. Nevertheless, pre-employment drug testing law may vary depending on the state. An employer should review his or her state’s drug testing laws before setting the guidelines.

3. Beating a Drug Test. Most people often wonder if it is possible to “beat” a drug test. Most qualified people miss employment opportunities after failing a drug test. As such, you need to prepare yourself ones a company calls you for an interview. Drugs can remain in your system due to several factors such as your metabolism, drug concentration, or the type of drug. You can undermine the results of a urine test by purchasing synthetic urine from quick fix urine. Synthetic urine resembles natural urine, but it has no drug trace.

4. Myths. Several myths surround pre-employment drug testing. One of these myths is that marijuana stays in your body for months after usage making it easy to detect. However, cannabis remains in your system for three to seven days. A drug test will only detect marijuana if it is taken within a week of consumption. Another myth is that drug test often results in false positives, thus making it inaccurate and unworthy. Since false-positive do occur, there is some truth to this myth. However, you can always avoid this by conducting a second test.

With more states legalizing the recreational and medical use of marijuana, most people wonder whether they can miss employment for using a legal drug. You can protect yourself by learning about the drug testing policy of that company as well as the state laws.

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