Top 10+ Best Cloud File Storage and Backup Services 2019

Top 10+ Best Cloud File Storage and Backup Services You Need to Know

The world had changed a lot we remembered the time when we used to carry 20 GB Hard Disk in our computer and we make full use of floppy disks which had approximate 1.44mb of storage. We are in the world of cloud storages. Here we have discussed some of the best cloud file storage and backup services out there in the web. This list will help you save lots of precious files in cloud storage services

The web is sharing many websites that used to store our files on the internet, but each one has its own purpose suppose you are using Youtube and you can store as many videos you want. But the things we are talking about is the very precious files that may be some kind of videos, image or file.

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10+ Best Cloud File Storage and Backup services You Need To Know

The world had changed a lot we remembered the time when we used to carry 20 GB Hard Disk in our computer and we make full use of floppy disks which had approximate 1.44mb of storage. but as we entering into the new world, we are entering into the cloud storage space, which provides the instant backup option as well as several extra facilities. there are few companies which are giving us the option of cloud file storage. Have a look on this best cloud services out there.

#1 ADrive


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It is a little-known service, but the characteristics are awesome it is a free service with maximum storage capacity, You will get a free trial of 60 Days and you will get the storage capacity up to 100GB. ADrive would be the best option for those who want to store many photos since the free version of Adrive had some limitation.

#2 Google Drive

Google DriveGoogle Drive
Google Drive

Google’s product is installed in nearly all Androids and Chromebooks, is an easy choice for those who already use the company’s other services. Google Drive has significant storage space, automatically syncs photos, has quick purposes for sharing files and a tool to edit documents (texts, spreadsheets, and presentations).

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#3 DropBox


DropBox which is one of the most successful and offers 2GB to store your files for free. Your backup is done effectively, only the parts that have modified are downloaded and synchronized. The program is very handy and also works on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, even offline. It comes up with the security of AES 256 bit encryption and file recovery.

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#4 iCloud


The Apple service is exclusive for users of Apple products. iCloud saves nearly all of your information in the cloud contacts, calendar, pictures or other documents, everything is accurately secured on the servers of Apple. The problem is that all this information consume a lot of space and you end up having to pay more if you want to store many files.

#5 Just Cloud

Just CloudJust Cloud
Just Cloud

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It is one of the free and most secure online storage services. If we talk about its storage capacity it had unlimited storage agreement for home users, It is best for those who want to back up their file in the cheapest way available. It also comes up with mobile apps so that you can easily manage mobile files and browse them with the help of your phone.

#6 Windows Live Skydrive

Windows Live SkydriveWindows Live Skydrive
Windows Live Skydrive

It has been offering one of the largest free spaces of the market, are 25GB for free. It can store all types of documents, but one of his depths is the photo storage. It is easy to use, like everything that comes from Microsoft, natural and beautiful. With a few clicks you can not just store your stuff, but also shares them.

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#7 Mozy


Mozy a well-focused storage service for doing the backup. It mainly focuses to keep your data forever safe. With it, you can perform intelligent, pre-programmed backups. You can adjust the dates and the used bandwidth limit, or let the software do it for you. Your all saved data is encrypted and stored in a secure, remote location that’s only accessible to you from anywhere.

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#8 Mega


Well, this is one of the popular cloud storage services that comes with an easy to use UI. The web interface of Mega features a drag-and-drop interface where you can upload and share files. According to the company, all the data stored in its cloud are well protected and encrypted on your device before reaching the firm’s server.

#9 OneDrive


Onedrive is now a part of Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 operating system. If you have a newly installed Windows 10, then you will find OneDrive integrated. Various Microsoft apps can integrate with OneDrive to sync data across devices.

OneDrive also has apps for iOS and Android and it’s one of the popular cloud storage services which you can use. It gives 5GB of cloud storage for free and after that, you need to purchase the service.

#10 Box


The best thing about Box is that it provides users 10GB of free data storage. It also has several premium packages, but the free one seems to be sufficient for basic use. Box has support for Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365 etc. It’s one of the popular cloud storage services which you can use today.

#11 iDrive


iDrive is another best cloud file storage and backup service which you can use right now. The best thing about iDrive is it offers lots of packages. You can select a package based on storage size, pricing, backup features, etc. Apart from that, iDrive allows users to connect unlimited devices in one account. So, iDrive is definitely the best cloud file storage and backup service that you can use right now.

#12 Blackbaze


Blackbaze is another best cloud file storage service on the list which provides users with lots of features. The most notable thing about Blackbaze is its pricing and features. The packages start at just $5 month and it allows users to store unlimited files. Not just that, but Blackbaze also support previewing images before restoring and offline restoration.

#13 Carbonite


Carbonite is another best cloud storage service on the list that offers users lots of features. If you are looking for an easy to use, reliable and fully automated cloud storage services, then Carbonite might be the perfect pick for you. The pricing of Carbonite is also pretty attractive, the packages start at $6 per month. Under the $6 per month plan, you can back up an unlimited amount of data.

So here we have shared 10 best online Cloud File Storage and Backup services you need to know. you can easily store your precious files and documents in the cloud storage. You can make an account on each and have a lot more space to store your files

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