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Protein Profile: The Protein Power of Eggs

Once you understand the protein power of one tiny egg, you may be encouraged to enjoy eggs more often.

Eggs are a superstar in the world of high protein foods. Popular for breakfast and often a quick dinner option, many don’t think of reaching for a hard boiled egg as a snack.  We highlight a few reason why eggs make a great high protein snack and just how much nutrition is packed in one tiny shell.

All forms of protein are an important part of your daily diet as protein is a basic requirement to almost all bodily functions and helps maintain a healthy weight.  Protein is also a big part of  aging well as it helps maintain muscle. However, not all protein is created equal. Some foods – like eggs – are complete proteins and offer high levels of other nutrients; this explains why we love the protein power of eggs.

Protein provides the building blocks of health, not just when we are kids but at every stage in life. Research shows different proteins have different benefits and including high quality protein like eggs in your diet will ensure you get the benefit of all the nutrition that eggs offer.

The Protein Power of Eggs

High protein foods are an important part of a healthy diet as we age, and eggs offer quality protein and more.

Loaded with Nutrients

  • Eggs are a complete protein as they contain all 9 essential amino acids, something that nuts and beans don’t have.
  • Eggs are loaded with vitamin A, E, K and all the B vitamins including B6, B12.
  • Eggs also contain important minerals such as selenium, zinc, iron and copper.
  • Eggs are one of the few foods that are naturally a good source of Vitamin D which works with calcium to build strong bones.
  • Some eggs contain the added bonus of omega-3 fatty acids depending on what the chickens were fed.
  • Eggs are rich in betaine and choline that promote heart health.
  • Each egg contains a healthy 6.3 grams of protein.
  • 1 Egg contains no sugar, no carbohydrates, 5grams of Fat and only 71 Calories.
  • Research in recent years is debunking the old thoughts that there is a link between the cholesterol in eggs and increased in cholesterol affecting health. There is more information on this here.

Very Versatile

Eggs are super versatile and can be eaten dozens of ways and combined with endless ingredients in baking, for snacks or as part of a protein filled breakfast.

What is your favourite way to have eggs?

Hard boiled, soft boiled, scrambled, devised, sunny side up, over easy, poached or as a frittata, omelette, egg salad, quiche or burrito? Did I miss any?

Researchers are realizing a diet rich in high quality protein is an important factor in how we age as it can slow down age-related muscle loss and keep us stronger and more agile in our later years.

Eggs are a high quality protein perfect for a meal or snack that keeps you feeling full longer which aids in maintaining a healthy weight. The protein helps slow age-related muscle loss and the added benefits of many other vitamins and minerals adds to your overall health.

Eggs are a super power when it comes to protein, how do you like yours?

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Protein Power of Eggs

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