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When we talk about an offline music player for Android, Poweramp music player always stands on top because of its excellent features. Today let us discuss Premium Music Player App Poweramp Full Version Apk Download Latest version for Android devices.

Poweramp Beta Tester: How to Access PowerAmp Beta Version, Poweramp Full Version Apk Download
Poweramp is a one-stop destination for all your music needs as it plays most of the music files such as MP3, MP4, Mpc, Ogg, Wav, Ape, Tta, etc. Here let us discuss how to download Poweramp Apk full version for Android Smartphone.

All the music lovers should have PowerAmp music player installed in their smartphone irrespective of Android or iOS. Even though the cracked version of PowerAmp Music Player is available on the internet, but it is worth buying the original one.

Poweramp Full Version Apk Download

As the Poweramp Music player does not have a money back, offer, it is always better to download Poweramp Trial version before you go for a Poweramp Full Version APK download or purchase.
You can enjoy Poweramp Trial Music Player free for 14 Days. Unlike other Apps, PowerAmp does not hide any of its premium features during the trial period.
This 14 days time period is enough to make a final decision about the purchase of Poweramp Full Version. Unlike other premium apps, Poweramp offers all the premium features during trial period.  You can purchase Poweramp full version unlocker if like the music player from the Google Play store or also can download PowerAmp Full Version APK.
I strongly recommend you to download Poweramp Trial App before go for Poweramp Full Version Purchase.


After installing PowerAmp Full Version APK, you can upgrade to Poweramp Full Version from the settings as well.

How to Install Poweramp Music Player APK(trial)?

To install any apk file, you have to make a change in the settings. You have to enable “Unknown Source App Installation.”Follow the steps to steps to install Poweramp Music Player APK.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Additional Settings.
  3. Security and Privacy
  4. Enable “Unknown Source App Installation” under Device Administration.
  5. Now locate Poweramp Music Player APK and tap to install it.

Now enjoy Poweramp Trial Version for 14 days for free. If you like the app, you can download Poweramp Full Version APK.
Now you have 14 Days to enjoy and understand Poweramp features to make a final decision.

Advantages of Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp is very popular because of its look and UI.  You can customize the app using different themes and skins. Here let us have a quick on its features.

  1. Players Almost All Music Files: As I said earlier, PowerAmp music player plays almost all music files like WMA, MP3, MP4, Mpc, Ogg, Wav, Ape, Tta, etc.
  2. Choose Music Folders: You can choose the music folders from different folders. As a result, you will not hear any other audio clips other than your favorite music.
  3. Add Music To Que: You can set your favorite music toon the queues while listening to music. So that you can listen to that music next.
  4. Attractive UI: Poweramp Music Player has a beautiful dark theme by default. In addition to that, it supports other third-party themes as well. This makes this music app more attractive. You can find more Poweramp skins in the Google Play Store itself.
  5. This player also has stereo expansion and mono mixing.
  6. Volume and Treble: It also has a dedicated Volume, Treble and Bass controls. Also, PowerAmp Pro version has one of the best and top Equalizer settings.
  7. Edit Tags: Power amp allows you to edit the tags.
  8. Download Missing Album Art: The Poweramp music player can download missing album art from the internet if you allow it in the settings.
  9. Listen to Music Without Gap: In Poweramp, you can listen to music without any gap in between the songs. You can customize the time gap between the songs in the settings. This feature lacks in many music player apps.
  10. Rate the Music: This music player also allows you to rate the music as per your taste.
  11. Poweramp Music Player Supports third-party skin. With best Poweramp Music Player Skins, you can change the traditional boring look and feel of the Music Player.

PowerAmp Full Version APK Download

If you like Poweramp Music Player Trial version, you can go for Poweramp Full Version. You can purchase the full version at $3.99. It is fair enough for Poweramp Music Player because of its features.

Download Poweramp Music Player Apk.

Also, instead of downloading Poweramp Full Version APK, you can also download Poweramp Full Version unlocker form Google Play Store as well.

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Poweramp Music Player supports third-party skins. With these third Party skins, you can give it an attractive look and feel. Some best Poweramp Skins are available in the Google Play Store.

Common Error Associated With PowerAmp

In this part of the article, I will explain to you how to fix unfortunately PowerAmp Has Stopped Issue in Android Devices.

How to Fix Unfortunately PowerAmp Has Stopped Issue

What is the PowerAmp Crashing issue? Well! When you try to open the PowerAmp music player, you won’t be able to open it. Instead, you will get a message on the screen  “Unfortunately PowerAmp Has Stopped,” and the app will also close by itself.

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I will explain to you in detail how to fix the PowerAmp crashing issue in Android Devices in detail here.

1.Reboot the Device

Rebooting the phone help you to fix most of the Android Smartphone related issues. You can try this method in case you face problems such as unfortunately browser has stopped issue, Camera app not working, etc. as well.

2. Clear PowerAmp App Cache

If the above step failed to solve Unfortunately PowerAmp Has Stopped problem in Android, you have to clear the cache of the PowerAmp Music Player App.
Follow the steps to clear the PowerAmp Music Player app cache in a few simple taps on your Android Smartphone.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Look for app Management.
  3. Find the PowerAmp Music Player App Full Version Unlocker and PowerAmp Music Player Trial.
  4. After opening the both PowerAmp Music Player apps, just tap on “Clear Cache,” and this will clear all the cache on the PowerAmp Music Player App.
  5. Now Restart the device and Open the Music Player.

3. Check for App Update

Still, face the issue? Now just look for an App updated version of the PowerAmp Music Player and the PowerAmp Music Player Unlocker App for Android at the Google Play Store.
Please update to the latest version if an update is available.

4. Email ID Verification

Make sure that you have added the email ID to your smartphone which you have used to purchase the PowerAmp Unlocker App from the Google Play Store.
If you do not use the email ID to on the device to purchase the PowerAmp App from the Google Play Store, the authentication will fail, and PowerAmp Music Player will start to crash.

5. Factory Reset

You should try for a Factory Reset only in case all the above steps failed to solve Unfortunately PowerAmp Has Stopped problem in Android devices.
Remember to create a data back up before you go for a data back up as it will delete all the data on your device.
After successfully resetting the device, download the PowerAmp music player and PowerAmp App unlocker from the Google Play Store.

Download PowerAmp Music Player For Android

After downloading both the apps, enjoy your favorite music with PowerAmp Music Player.
I think this two-step guide on Poweramp Full Version Apk download and installation was useful for you. If face any difficulty during the process of Power amp apk download and installation, feel free to comment in the comment section.

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