New Mesothelioma Clinical Trial Gives You a Shot in the Arm to Fight Mesothelioma

All those who struggle with asbestos-caused disease run into the same wall – there are few ways to fight mesothelioma.  That is why we need to continue looking for any openings in that wall and do our best to help expand them into bigger and better ways to fight mesothelioma.  We need to help tear down that wall through mesothelioma clinical trials.

One of the ways to help fight mesothelioma is to participate in a mesothelioma clinical trial.  In other words, become a guinea pig to help medical researchers on track to help find a cure.  How do we know they’re on track?  Their call for study participants is posted on the federal government’s website  And  trying an experimental new treatment could prove helpful to the participants as well.

Here’s a mesothelioma clinical trial now recruiting that wants to give you a shot in the arm to help fight mesothelioma. That shot is a vaccine that contains cancer.  But the cancer cells used are in such a weakened state that they cannot cause cancer. Yet their presence is enough to trigger the body to make more of its own cancer-fighting immune response.  And best of all, they have been engineered to target mesothelioma tumor cells.  The experimental vaccine will be combined with standard tools to fight mesothelioma – chemotherapy and medication – to cover all the bases.

Name of Mesothelioma Clinical Trial  – CRS-207 Cancer Vaccine in Combination With Chemotherapy as Front-line Treatment for Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma

  • Identifier  NCT01675765
  • First received    August 23, 2013
    Last updated   September 3, 2013  Processed by  February 27, 2014
  • Sponsor Aduro BioTech, Inc.
  • Collaborators National Cancer Institute
  • Purpose  Evaluate the safety and immune response of the cancer vaccine CRS-207 followed by standard of care chemotherapy (pemetrexed and cisplatin).
  • Outcome measures  Check subjects reporting for any adverse effects, measure the level of immune response created by the vaccine.
  • Estimated Enrollment 16
  • Study Start Date  August 2013
  • Estimated Study Completion Date  June 2014
  • Eligibility  Must be over 18, have medically confirmed mesothelioma and not be a candidate for curative surgery
  • Contacts  Yvonne Malory, RN   301-402-0255 [email protected], Raffit Hassan, MD  301-451-8742 [email protected]
  • Locations   University of California San Francisco, CA, University of Chicago Medical Center,  National Cancer Institute, Bethesda MD,  H  Lee Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa FL,  University of Pennsylvania Abramson Cancer Center, Philadelphia PA

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