Mesothelioma Treatment Clinical Trial in Mexico City Recruiting Participants

Eager to try a mesothelioma treatment not offered in the US, American movie star Steve McQueen journeyed to Mexico in 1980.  Unfortunately, the outlandish treatments that McQueen tried at the time – including shampoos and injections with cells from cows and sheep – failed to help him.

There was no completely effective mesothelioma treatment then just as there is no completely effective mesothelioma treatment now.  But in the nearly 35 years since that time there have been strides made by science in researching a cure for this terrible disease.  And Mexico is rapidly developing capabilities in advanced medical technologies, according to the U.S. National Cancer Institute, and is engaging with major philanthropic investors to build scientific capacity and participate actively in world scientific enterprise.  Today Mexico has major public national institutes involved in cancer research including the Instituto Nacional de Cancerología (INCAN).

So if you have ever wanted to visit Mexico and if you’ve ever thought about trying experimental mesothelioma treatment there, here’s a chance to do both. There’s a clinical research trial on a new mesothelioma treatment that is currently recruiting participants. You’d be under the supervision of the Instituto Nacional de Cancerología with the approval of the US government.

Phase II Study of Six Hours Low Dose Gemcitabine Plus Cisplatin in the Treatment for Advanced Pleural Mesothelioma identifier: NCT01869023

First received – April 18, 2012

Last updated – January 15, 2014

Sponsor – Instituto Nacional de Cancerología

Collaborator – National Council of Science and Technology, Mexico

Purpose – Evaluate the response of treatment with a drug called gemcitabine when combined with cisplatin in patients with malignant mesothelioma.

Discussion of Outcome Measures – This study is attempting to validate the findings of a similar previous study that showed promising results. The study aims to make the use of gemcitabine more cost effective by administering a lower dose spread out over six hours instead of the standard higher dose given in a 30 minute time period.

Estimated Enrollment – 26

Study Start Date –  November 2010

Study Completion Date –  TBD

Eligibility – 18 to 75 years old. Mesothelioma diagnosis, adequate hematologic, renal and hepatic function.

Contacts and locations –

Location – Instituto Nacional de Cancerología, Mexico City, Mexico

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