Mesothelioma Help: What Can Family Members Do?

Mesothelioma help can be hard to ask for. You are used to being the strong one for everyone else. And you like being independent. But realize that asking for mesothelioma help is a special gift you can give to your family right now. Allowing them to provide support and do things for you will help them cope with your mesothelioma. Accepting mesothelioma help from family members will also strengthen the bond between all of you during this important time.

Mesothelioma Help Step 1 – Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

You may feel awkward at first about asking your family for mesothelioma help. You don’t want to impose on their lives. But it’s important not to go through this on your own. So summon up your courage and just ask. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how eager they are to help. In fact, they’ve most likely been waiting for you to ask.

  1. Try to allow for flexibility, when possible. For example say, I need to make an appointment to see my oncologist. What day next week would be best for you?
  2. Give options. Ask someone who offers help whether they would rather do yard work, pick up prescriptions for you or drive you to a treatment.
  3. Be specific about mesothelioma help. For instance, tell your son ahead of time that you would like him to drive you in your car to the medical center instead of going in his Mini Cooper.
  4. Be informative about the commitment. Let them know about how long your mesothelioma treatment appointment will take so they can plan their day and what to bring with them.
  5. Be honest. Thank them but tell them that although you used to love pizza now you’d prefer wonton soup.

Build a Mesothelioma Help Team

Mesothelioma help may work best if you don’t have to rely on just one person. Try to ask for help from several family members. This way you won’t feel like you are imposing on one person and burning them out. Build a mesothelioma help team. Get t-shirts made for them. Let each family member take on the role they do best whether it’s planning and cooking chemo-friendly meals, researching new mesothelioma treatment drug clinical trials or helping you find the best mesothelioma lawyer to advise you about your rights and handle your case if you have one.

Bring an Appointment Partner

Mesothelioma help from family members is crucial for medical appointments and legal appointments. It’s about more than just emotional support although that is important too. But a family member who can go with you as your medical appointment partner and legal appointment partner – they need not be the same person – can also play a practical role in supporting you. During the appointment, he or she may remember details or ask questions that might not occur to you. They can serve as a second set of ears to actively listen. They may pick up on things you might miss. And they can help you review the appointment afterwards. (Be aware though that if your appointment partner is someone other than your spouse or child, they won’t be able to sit in on the meetings because of attorney client confidentiality).

7 Mesothelioma Help Ideas For Family Members

  1. Go along to doctor appointments and chemo treatments
  2. Buy a pill organizer and make a daily chart
  3. Set up a system to keep track of doctor bills, insurance claims, prescription numbers etc.
  4. If an asbestos lawsuit is underway, help file paperwork and research needed information
  5. Cook comforting soups and other chemo-friendly meals
  6. Help with chores like laundry, yard work and house cleaning
  7. Watch a movie together or visit a nature preserve for a walk

Mesothelioma Help Goes Both Ways

All the mesothelioma help may seem like it has to come from family members to you. But it can go both ways. When you are feeling well enough there are very important things you can do to help your family.

  1. Go over all your important paperwork with whoever in your family you have legally put in charge of your affairs.
  2. Take out all your photos and photo albums. Write on back of the photos the dates and names of people in the picture. Tell your family members who the people in the pictures are and why they are meaningful to you and the family.
  3. Look through your high school yearbook with family members and boxes of travel souvenirs, personal letters and other mementoes that you have saved. Tell them the stories you remember. Especially the funny ones.

The most important things you and your family members can do to help each other right now is to be patient, kind and loving. Just like always.







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