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How to Watch Jio TV On PC or Laptop for Free in 2019

How to Watch Jio TV On PC or Laptop in 2019

Jio TV is one of the most popular live TV Streaming app of India with over 600+ channels in 15 Languages. Live TV streaming apps like Jio TV app and other apps took us to the next level of live TV streaming experience. But some people still want to enjoy live TV apps like Jio TV on PC or Laptop.

Jio TV on PC for free

In this article, I will explain to you how to install and enjoy Jio TV on PC or Laptop. As I said at the beginning of the article, Jio TV is an exclusive app for Jio TV users but with the help of Jio TV cracked APK you can enjoy Jio TV without a Jio SIM.

How to Watch Jio TV on PC?

Here is a step by step guide on how to install and enjoy Jio TV programmes on your PC or Laptop for free. Follow each step carefully to install it into your PC. If you face any trouble during the installation, just comment below for our assistance.

Early Jio TV Web was available on their website to enjoy live TV shows and programmes for free. Unfortunately, now it is not available. If it is available again on their website, we will update with you the same. Meanwhile, you can subscribe to our Facebook Page for the immediate update on tech-related news.

Requirments to Watch Watch Jio TV on PC

Here some essential requirements to download and install the Jio TV app on PC or Laptop.

  1. Jio SIM is mandatory if you want to watch Jio TV services on a mobile device as well as PC. No need to worry if you do not have a Jio SIM installed on your mobile phone the just download Jio TV Mod APK from here.
  2. Now you must have a Jio TV account to enjoy live TV programmes. Jio TV Mod APK also does not work without login but you can get it from your friend or relatives.
  3. Here we are installing Jio TV App into PC using an Android Emulator Software which is free to download from the internet. Bluestacks Android Emulator is the most recommended free Android Emulator software for both PC and Laptop. Make sure that your system has satisfied the following requirements to install it into your PC.
    Minimum Requirments Recommended Requirments
    Microsoft Windows 7 Microsoft 10
    Processor From Intel or AMD Intel or AMD Multi-Core Processor
    Minimum 2GB RAM 8GB
    At least 5GB Disk Space SSD Drivers
    Updated Graphic Drivers Updated Graphic Drivers
  4. A high-speed internet connection. Jio TV Broadband connection is mandatory if you are on a Jio TV official app which is downloaded from Google Play Store.

How to install Jio TV on PC with Bluestacks Emulator?

There are multiple Android Emulators are available on the internet to download. But because of its popularity on other Android Emulator Softwares, I recommend you to install Bluestacks Android Emulator to watch Jio Live TV on your PC or Laptop.

In addition to that, installing Jio TV app or Jio TV Mod APK on Bluestacks Android Emulator is very easy. Just follow the below steps to install Bluestacks Android Emulator on PC.

  1. Download Bluestacks Android Emulator from their official site only to secure your device and privacy. Use the above link to download Bluestacks Android Emulator directly from their official website.
  2. The process of download may take some time depends on your internet speed. Once the download completes, install the software into your PC or Laptop. The installation process may also take some time depending upon the performance on your PC.
  3. Once the installation process completes, log in to Bluestacks Emulator using a Google Account to activate the software.
  4. After log in to Bluestacks, you can see a Google Play Store icon and you can download the Jio TV App from it.
  5. Once you downloaded the app, log in to Jio TV App using your Jio Username and Password. If you do not have a Jio account, just create one. It does not take much time but make sure that you have your mobile phone with you as you will get an OTP during the registration process.
  6. If you do not have a Jio SIM card, then you have to download and install Jio TV Mod APK into Bluestacks Android Emulator. It is very easy to install Jio TV Mod APK into your PC using an Android Emulator.
    Just tap on the three dots which you see just after “installed Apps” and you will get the option to install an APK file into Bluestacks Emulator.  Alternatively, you can drag and drop downloaded Jio APK file into your PC.BlueStacks Android EmulatorBlueStacks Android Emulator
  7. Once it installed into your PC, just sign in into Jio TV Mod APK using a Jio account credentials. As of Jio TV Offical App, you do not need to be on a Jio Network to enjoy Jio TV Programmes. Get login credentials from any of your friends to enjoy Jio TV without a Jio SIM on Jio TV Mod app.

Now you can enjoy Jio TV on PC or Laptop for free. If you need any further assistance on this, please feel free to comment below and we are there to help you.

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