How to Overcome Flu Naturally using Home Remedies

Flu is viral infection and that is affects your respiratory system, but it is overcome particular course with in week. Flu Symptoms is high fiver, hills, cough, sore throat, stuffy or runny nose, headaches, body aches, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Naturally Home Remedies Tips of Flu :

1. Go to Bed

First of all when ever you not feel good and symptoms of flu that time go to bed and tack rest. without doctor permission don’t do any physical work. give priority to rest and not go to anywhere.

2. Drink More

In flu drink more liquid, not only water but all type of liquid like water, fruit juice, soup, coconut water,sport drink and other energy drink. you can drink minimum 7 to 8 liters liquid per day.

3. Tack More Shower

Having a shower may perk you up – and better still breathing in the steam helps moisturize the nasal passages. Shower is help into feel relax and archive muscle.

4. Eat Energy Fruit and Vegetable

In flu we feel weakness and not good. always eat energy fruit in flu or other type of fever. energy fruits like Dragon Fruit, Kiwi, Banana, Papaya, Apple and other can also eat vegetable.

5. Don’t Eat Oily and Spicy food

Flu is viral infection, in flu you don’t eat any oily and spicy food like amulet and other fast can also don’t eat bread.

6. Check Your Fever and Blood Pressure

Every half hour check your fever and blood pressure because in flu your fever is very high and more than 100 F is risky for human body. so check your fever and blood pressure in every half hour.

7. More Sleep

if you sleep in normal day 7 to 8 hours than in flu you can sleep more than normal day. it is around 10 to 11 hours sleep in a flu.

Flu is not a serious infection if we follow proper course and we tack more rest. but we not tack care of our self that time flu is serious infection.

Note – This Home Remedies only for in Normal Flu, not other flu. If your report is a swine-flu that time don’t wait home but directly admit at hospital.

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