How to Access Power Amp Beta Version

Poweramp Music Player App is one of the most popular music players for Android and iOS. Here We have already discussed how to download and install PowerAmp music player into your Android Smartphone. Today let us talk what is Poweramp Beta Tester and how can we access Power Amp beta tester on Android.

Poweramp Beta Tester: How to Access PowerAmp Beta Version

How to Access PowerAmp Beta Tester In Android

What is a Beta version of an App? Well. Before the official release of an app update, the developers release the new features on the beta version of their app. So that the beta users can report any bugs or issues to the developers. This will help the developers to identify the problems and fix the problems before the official release of the app.

In this article, let us discuss how to access the PowerAmp Beta Tester Programme so that you can enjoy the new features before the official release. I am a beta user of many apps such as WhatsApp, PowerAmp, etc.

Step By Step Guide to Sign Up PowerAmp Tester Programme

  1. Open Google Play Store App.
  2. Search and Find Power Amp App. You can also open the Power Amp App directly from here.
  3. You can see PowerAmp Beta Tester just below the details about the developers.
  4. Just tap on “Join” and confirm.
  5. Now you are in.

Now you have all the access to PowerAmp beta features. This helps you to access all updates before its release on the official PowerAmp App. You can leave from PowerAmp Beta Tester Programme at any time whenever you want.

How to Leave From PowerAmp Beta Tester Programme

At any time you can leave the PowerAmp Beta Tester programme if you opt out at any time. Here are the steps to leave from PowerAmp Beta Programme.

  1. Go to PowerAmp.
  2. You can see a “Leave” option just below “Beta Tester.”
  3. Now tap on “Leave” icon and just confirm it.
  4. You will get out of the programme as you confirm by taping on “Leave”. See the image below.
  5. Uninstall PowerAmp App and Reinstall it again to completely leave from PowerAmp Beta Tester Programme.

I think this article was helpful for you to access the PowerAmp Beta Tester Programme. In case you face any problem in Beta Version of an app you can report the issue to the developers through their email ID which is given under the details of developers of App. However, for your reference, I am adding PowerAmp developers email ID here.

In case you need any further assistance to access or leave PowerAmp Beta Tester Programme please comment below.



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