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Healthy Eating – Is a Protein Smoothie Effective as a Meal Replacement

We get asked a lot “is a Boomer Nutrition Protein Smoothie effective as a meal replacement?” The answer is not a simple yes or no as many factors go into a complete meal, just as many ingredients can go into a protein smoothie.

When you consider what makes up a complete meal, you think about including different food groups. A balanced diet and complete meal should contain a variety of foods in order to ensure you are getting all the required nutrients for healthy bones, muscles, digestion, energy and aging. Pay close attention to what goes into your protein smoothie and you can answer is a protein smoothie effective as a meal replacement.

Also consider why you are having a protein smoothie.  It is because you have no time for a sit down meal? Are you recovering from surgery or illness and have little appetite? Is your protein smoothie a post workout re fuel? Or a snack to fill you up between meals so you don’t head for the drive thru or vending machine?

Why Are You Having a Protein Smoothie?

First, consider why you are consuming a protein smoothie. With 20 grams of protein,  200-300 calories from milk and 10-20 grams of carbs/sugar from fruit, it can add up to a small meal.

Post Workout

If you are an early riser and a morning workout person, a protein smoothie is an excellent post workout drink to re fuel. High quality protein powders  such as Boomer Nutrition are designed to be easy to digest and go straight to the muscle to repair and rebuild and the carbs help restore glycogen stores making recovery faster and you ready for your next workout. In this scenario it may take the place of breakfast so make sure it contains a high quality protein to keep you full, has added leucine to rebuild & repair muscle and contains fruit for vitamins, maybe greens for folate and seeds for fiber. Adding a tsp of hemp or ground flax seeds can also add omega 3, 6 and 9 essential amino acids and healthy fats.

Post Surgery or During Treatment

When recovering from surgery or going through treatment, your appetite can diminish. And while you may not feel like eating – getting proper nutrition is key to a successful recovery and can make treatments more effective. In this instance it is important to get as many calories and nutrients you can in a small easily digestible meal. A protein smoothie made with quality protein that contains all 9 essential amino acids and added leucine that help slow muscle loss while you may not be active is beneficial. Adding greens that contain iron, calcium and folate as well as berries for vitamins and fiber and hemp/flax for omega 3s will give this protein smoothie super powers to heal you faster.

On the Go

Lets face it – some days are just crazy! Whether on the go with kids or racing between meetings, some days there just isn’t enough hours for a long lunch or sit down dinner. In this case, throwing a scoop of Boomer Nutrition with 20 grams of quality protein powder in a shaker with 1% milk, water or almond milk may be all you have time for.  And while this does not make a complete meal, it can be a much better re fuel than grabbing a donut at the coffee shop, a granola bar filled with sugar or a bagel full of carbs but lacking protein.

Between Meals

Similar to on the go, you may have reached that 3pm snack-o’clock and wants something sweet to hold you over until tonight late dinner meeting at 8pm.  A shaker cup with a scoop of Chocolate Boomer Nutrition Whey or Vegan Protein Powder can hit the spot and give you energy and while keeping you feeling full until you get to your next meal.

Is A Protein Smoothie Effective as a Meal Replacement?

A complete meal includes fruits, vegetables, fiber, calcium, AND protein. If you are just shaking a whey based protein powder into a glass of water, you are only getting protein and calcium. If you use a vegan protein powder, you may only be getting plant based protein and, depending on the source, some fiber and nutrition from the soy, hemp, pea or brown rice. If you add milk or non-dairy products, you get more nutrients; add in fruits and greens, you will get even more out of your protein smoothie. Add some fiber from nuts, flax, chia or hemp seeds in the smoothie or on the side—toast, healthy protein balls, cookies with oats, protein pancakes, for example—and you can get a complete meal.

When a Protein Smoothie is not an Effective Meal Replacement

  • if your protein source is not a complete protein – meaning it does not contain all 9 essential amino acids.  Protein quality differs. Make sure you know the source of your protein powder.
  • if you are not adding calcium to your plant based protein smoothie ( use non dairy milk instead of just water)
  • if you are not adding fruit or greens you will be missing vitamins, minerals & fiber
  • if you don’t have added grains either in or on the side of your protein smoothie

When a Protein Smoothie is Effective as a Meal Replacement

  • if protein source contains all essential amino acids and is a complete protein
  • if protein powder is sourced from high quality protein, has few added ingredients, no added sugar and made with organic and/or natural flavours.
  • if your base is dairy milk, almond, coconut, hemp or soy milk so you get calcium
  • if you add fiber rich berries, vitamin rich fruits, folate full greens and healthy fats from ground flax, hemp and chia seeds

Consider what you are using your protein smoothie for.  Keep in mind that a full plate of lean meat, fish, veggies, whole grain rice or quinoa and a glass of dairy or almond milk will give you plenty of nutrients, but you may not always have time for feel like a full meal. A protein smoothie made with Boomer Nutrition ENERGY Protein Powder, or our Organic Vegan Protein Powders contain complete proteins for building and maintain muscle and other important organ functions, it can fill the gap when you are on the go and if made with greens, nuts, seeds and fruits, it can provide adequate nutrition until you can eat again.

Talk to your doctor before making big changes to your diet but you can easily make a protein smoothie part of a balanced plan. If you are making your smoothie one of your meals, add to it so you get all of your minerals, vitamins and dietary needs included.

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Is a Protein Smoothie Effective as a Meal Replacement

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