Grammarly Keyboard APK:Write English Without Mistake in 2019

Grammarly is one of the essential apps on any Android Smartphone to type English without any grammatical or spelling mistake. Grammarly Keyboard APK is one of the best keyboards application available today to write English with confidence. Download Grammarly Keyboard APK today to start writing English without any error.

Grammarly Keyboard APK latest version

Writing error-free English is not easy! Even people with good command on English make mistakes, especially while typing. Native English speakers are also not an exception.

Advantages of Grammarly Keyboard APK

The first impression is the best impression.

Remember this proverb when you write a resume or email to an employer for a job offer. A well-written Resume or email without any spelling or Grammatical mistake give them a good impression about you. Before they meet you, they assess your resume first, and after seeing the resume, they will decide whether to call you for a face to face interview or not. A bad written Resume or email can be a reason for rejection for a job or business opportunity.

People those who use English must download this app to create an impression on your audience by writing English without any error. In my case, I have a Grammarly premium subscription as I am not an English expert. But as a Blogger, I love this app as it helps me to write English with more confidence. I always check my articles on Grammarly before I publish any articles including at LatestSets.

Now let us see some additional benefits of Grammarly Keyboard App.

  1. It is free: Grammarly Keyboard App is free! You do not need to purchase a premium version if you want to use this on your mobile phone only. It is the most recommended Keyboard app on the Google Play Store now.
  2. Write Good English without any spelling mistake, Grammatical Mistake or even without any punctuation mistakes.
  3. Helps to improve your writing skills: Grammarly App helps you to improve your writing skills by correcting your mistakes as a Teacher. It underlines your mistakes with a red line exactly as our teacher does. Note the error and make sure that you do not make that same mistake again. It was beneficial for me during my preparation for the IELTS examination. There are many training videos and articles are available on the internet for IELTS preparation for all modules. But there is not a useful tool to correct our written English. It was actually my real companion and guided during my IELTS preparation.
  4. Available on Different Platforms: Grammarly is available for different platforms to help you to write English without mistakes. E.g., Grammarly Chrome Extension, Grammarly Mozilla Extension, Android and iOS.
  5. It can be integrated with MS Office: You can integrate Grammarly with MS Office extension.
  6. Writing has become more Fun: Writing English was never so enjoyable before. It was actually a horror dream for many people, especially if you are a non-native English speaker. Now with Grammarly Keyboard write English with more confidence than ever before.
  7. Synonyms: Writing the same word multiple times in the article, decrease the user experience. No doubt using Synonyms on your articles or email will increase your reader engagement and convert well. It will help you to generate more leads if you are a content marketer. Just double click on a word to get its all synonyms as a pop-up menu. Choose the most appropriate one from the suggested synonyms for the situation.
  8. Start to type error-free English on all the apps, including Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I can assure you that it will definitely improve your written English for sure. Start with a free Grammarly plan and upgrade to Grammarly premium if you find this app is handy.

Grammarly Keyboard Latest Version APK Download For Android

Early Grammarly was available for Google Chrome only. Due to its immense popularity, the developers have integrated it to multiple platforms such as Windows, Android and iOS. In addition to that, Grammarly Extension is now available for Mozilla Firefox as well.

You can download Grammarly directly from the Google Play Store or also download Grammarly as an APK file.

Option 1

The Google Play Store is the safest app store for any Android devices or smartphone. You can download the Grammarly Keyboard App directly from the link below.

Option 2

If you do not have access to Google Play Store, then you can use below link to download Grammarly Keyboard APK.


Follow the instructs below to install Grammarly Keyboard Write with confidence apk into your Android Smartphone.

How to Install Grammarly Keyboard APK into Android

  1. Enable “Unknown Source App Installation” in the settings.
  2. Now download Grammarly APK from the above link for free.
  3. As the download completes, tap on the downloaded file to install it into the smartphone.
  4. After installing the app, you must log in or sign up into the app using Facebook or Gmail. And it can be done with a few taps on your device.
    Grammarly Sign UpGrammarly Sign Up
  5. Now select Grammarly as the default Keyboard to start writing without any spelling, grammatical, or punctuation mistakes.

If you want to be a pro article writer with an ability to capture the attention of your readers, then Grammarly will be a promising investment for you.

I think this article on download Grammarly Keyboard APK download has beneficial for you in improving your English writing Skill. Start with a free plan and upgrade to Grammarly premium if you are happy with its performance.

If you have any thoughts on Grammarly Keyboard APK, then share it as comments below. Or get in touch with us on our Facebook Page.


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