Get Rewarded When You Pay Credit Card Bill in 2019

Cred App Review: Always Get Rewarded When You Pay Credit Card Bill

In a previous article, we have discussed how to save some money your next flight ticket using flight booking apps in India. In this article, let us talk about Cred App a newly invented revolutionary credit card payment app for India founded by Mr Kunal Shah, the founder of Freecharge.

Cred App Review


Cred App reward you with Cred Coins whenever you pay a credit card bill through this app. Even though there are multiple credit card payment apps are already available in India, most of these apps do not support all the Credit Cards of India.

What is Cred App?

Always get rewarded with cred coins when you pay credit card bill payment through this app. When you pay a credit card bill through this app, it credits an equal amount of Cred Coins into your account, and you can redeem these points when you purchase from Cred Partners.

At the time of writing this article, Cred App has partnered with over 50+ merchants including,

  1. Cleartrip.
  2. Uber.
  3. Amazon Pay.
  4. Diesel.
  5. Costa Coffee.
  9. Gaana.
  10. DocsApp.
  11. Myntra and much more and the list is going day by day.

You may have multiple offers and reward points on your credit card. Instead of Paying Credit Card through the mobile app or Net-Banking does not give us any additional benefits. But the Cred App allows us to make our credit card more productive. Why do we miss such an opportunity?

Can We Trust the App?

Now you may have some doubts about the credibility of the app. Let us look into a few facts about Cred Credit Card Payment App.

As I said earlier, the app is developed by the Kunal  Shah, the developer of Freecharge Mobile app and later it acquired by Snapdeal. So the person behind this venture has enough experience and trust in this field.

It also has an option to add a bank account to get an immediate refund in case of a failed transaction.

The app only has access to your Credit Card number, and it does not save more sensitive data such as your Credit Card expiry date or CVV number.

All these points prove the credibility of this revolutionary Credit CC Payment App. People in the Finance sector recommend this app for credit card payments.

How to Set Up A Cred Account on Cred Credit Card Payment App?

Now let us discuss how to get started with Cred App. Cred is not for all, but it is limited for people with Good Credit Score. During the announcement of Cred, he Tweeted that

“A platform to celebrate and reward the most creditworthy people of India.”


The Cred will accept you only if you have an excellent Credit Score. It collects your credit score from the Bureaus like CBIL, CRIF, Experian, etc.

If you have an excellent credit score, then they will welcome you to Cred with Cred Coins which is equal to your Credit Score. For example, if you have 800 credit score, then the app will reward you with 800 Cred Coins which you can redeem later.

How to Start With Cred Payment App?

Cred App is available for download in the Android Store and iOS store.

. iOS users can download the app from here.

What are the Requirments to Join Cred?

  1. You must have an Indian Mobile Phone number which is registered with PAN Card or Aadhar Card.
  2. Cred App is for those who pay their bills on time. So your Credit Score must be more than 750 for instant access. If your Credit Score is less than 750, then you will be added into the waiting list.

After downloading the app, enter the mobile phone number and verify the number using OTP. As soon as the mobile number get verified, the Cred App will automatically calculate your credit score.

After the successful completion of the application process, the Cred will credit Cred Coins which is equal to your credit score.

Once you complete the registration process, the app will automatically retrieve the credit card details, and you need to enter only a few digits of your card to add the Credit Card into this app.

After adding the Credit Card, the app will credit ₹1 into the credit card to verify your card, and it will be reflected on your next CC Statement.

In this way, you can add all your Credit Cards into the Cred CC Payment App for free.

Once you add the Cards into the Cred App, you can make your credit card payment through different channels such as Debit Card, Net Banking, UPI and UPI Apps.

You can also save a Debit Card for easy check out for all your payments in future.

Features of Credit Card Payment Through Cred App

Now multiple apps like Phone Pe, PayTM etc., are available to pay credit card bill payment online. But their services are minimal compared to the Cred Payment App. Both these apps do not support every credit cards in India especially VISA cards.

When it compared to rewards for credit card payment, the position of Cred App is much higher than its counterparts.

1. Credit Card Payment Alerts

Most of the time we fail to pay our bills on time, not because of a shortage of money but we forget about the due date for payment. As you know not paying a credit card bill on time will hurt you very badly. It ruins your credit score as well. Also, not paying a credit card bill on time also attract a heavy penalty.  So it is worth to enable a Credit Card Bill Payment alert for all your credit cards.

Cred has a fantastic credit card payment alert which alerts you in advance about your credit card payments.

It also has a WhatsApp alert system which alerts you immediately when you receive a Credit Card Statement mail on your inbox. It also alerts you about the Credit Card Payment due date so that you can kill the bill on time. At any time you can disable or enable this feature at the app settings.

I have enabled Credit Card alert on my mobile, and I instantly get alerted when I get Credit Card Bill on my inbox. Hope this help you to kill your and my Credit Card Bills on time.

2. Get Additional Benefits on Credit Card Bill Payment

We all have a credit card with multiple offers. It rewards you only when you spent money on Credit Cards. These cards do not offer any reward points for credit card payment even if you pay the bill on time.

But Cred rewards you for paying credit card bill online through their app. I would ignore the apps which offer some scratch and win offers as Cred rewards you more.

3. Get Credit Score Report

Cred App greets you with an updated Credit Report every month. With this report, you can also check all your Credit Card statements including the nature of payments.

4. Refer the App and Get Rewarded

If you found this app useful after using it for some time, then you can refer this app to your friends and family friends.

When you refer someone into Cred, the app credits Cred Coins into your account and which you can redeem on Uber, Cleartrip and Amazon Gift Card worth ₹750/-.

There is nothing wrong if you suggest something to someone if you found it useful.

5. Redeem the Cred Coins

Having a lot of Cred Coins does not have any value if you do not or a limited number of Merchants from where you can redeem these coins. Cred App has partnered with over 50+ online and offline merchants to redeem the coins. This is a big number and Cred is expanding their inventory by adding more people.

As a Coffee lover, I redeem these points on my morning coffee at the office with friends.

It gives us a lot of options to redeem the coins when we buy something that we really love or care about. You should also remember that you are earned these coins just by paying credit card bills through this app. You will not be getting anything if you pay the same bill amount through any other app other than Cred.

6. Easy To Use

Using the Cred Credit Card Payment app is effortless. You can easily add your Credit Cards in this app. Making payment through Cred is also very easy and simple. A user can easily navigate through the app with a few taps on the screen.

Final Words

Cred App is a revolutionary credit card payment app which helps you to earn additional rewards when you pay credit card bill through this app. When you pay Credit Card Bills through other means, it does not give you anything back. Why do you miss an opportunity to get additional benefits?

I would give five-star ratings to Cred App. It is a revolutionary app with a lot of growth potential. What do you think about this new Credit Card Payment System? Share your thoughts on Cred App in the comment box.

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