Free of Pain #2, Release Back Originated Pains While Sitting Free Download

Free of Pain #2, Release Back Originated Pains While Sitting Free Download with the high-speed server and one-click Direct download. The solution to the unbearable dependence on physicians, therapists, pain killers and surgeries.

What Will I Learn?
  • LEARN how to treat your back originated pains by yourself, in a way that you can use over and over again
  • REDUCE and maybe even eliminate the pain and increase the level of comfort
  • EXPERIENCE the reduction in the level of pain e from moment to moment
  • IMPROVE posture and ease of movement
  • SLEEP better, awake fewer times during nights
  • BE ABLE to sit, stand, walk and lie, with less or with no pain
  • UNDERSTAND how learning simple movement can transform your quality of life, easily and elegantly, with no pain, exertion or stretch
  • ENJOY the learning process
  • UNDERSTAND that the best and most available therapist of your back originated pains is yourself
  • COME to the decision that it’s time to release your back originated pains, meaning all the pains all over your body – that originates from your back
  • SUFFER from your back originated pains for too long, understanding and knowing that no treatment’s affect lasts more than a short period of time
  • NOT KNOWING how to regain your ability to sit comfortably again, or walk painlessly, or even get a good night’s sleep
  • BE FED UP with having invested huge amounts of precious time and money that cannot be returned, including visits from one doctor to another, from one therapist to the next, or taking endless medication only to discover that it still doesn’t help the situation in the long term
  • * If you have any health concerns, please consult with your physician before engaging in this course.

Do you find yourself totally dependent  on physicians, therapists, pain killers and surgeries/procedure?

Release yourself easily from your back originated pains:  immediately, without any effort, stretch or pain, with no experience whatsoever

learn step by step how to free yourself from your pains, while you are already sitting, working, eating, watching the movie and so on,

this course is applicable to all back originated pains: sciatica, degenerative disc and vertebrae like Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis, spine diseases, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, Parkinson disease, Fibromyalgia, post stroke,  and more

You will learn exactly how and why these movements work so that you could use them over and over again for different types and locations of pain.

Ada Medek from Qweenstown Australia says:

“I was drown to the fact that Orna is a highly experienced phisiotherapist,
not only a quallified feldenkrais theacher.
And the clincher for me was that Orna herself suffered from back problems for few years

For me it was a real trinity: I thought that Orna was someone who really understand my pains.
I have never done exercises like this that are so easy to do,

You feel like you do so little, you don’t strech anything,
You just relearn how to move in a proper way, that allows your body to let go.

I get a lot of benefits from the exercises:
I have learned how to walk in a way that doesn’t stress my back so much,
so i can go back to walk like I used to.

I also learn how to lie on my belly again with no pain,
which is a huge thing for me.

Most of the pains I suffered from and that I spent thousants of dollars on them
just to see them comming back after maximum few weeks – are gone.

I find it incredibly comfortable to do it from the comfort of my own home,
at the times that i want to do it.

I highly recommend that if you suffer from any kind of pain that you would absolutly give it a go.
The only thing you can possibly loose, is your back originated pains.

You and your family would thank yourself.
Free of Pain is not just a bonus for me, it’s a bonus for everyone around me .

So if you want to do something for your pains that would stop you from going again and again to doctors
and therapists, and spend time and money on things that only work for short time,

I highly recomend that you give this Free of Pain Series of courses a go,
and you will have tools for life”.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for anyone who is struggling with back originated pains and wants to get rid of them while already sitted
  • This course is for anyone who yearn to learn how to treat their own back originated pains by themselves, and who understand that it is about time to take responsibility over their pains, not leaving it to medications, doctors or therapists

Free of Pain #2, Release Back Originated Pains While Sitting Free Download


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