Floris Dammeijer International Mesothelioma Interest Group 2016 Young Investigator Awards

The International Mesothelioma Interest Group 2016 (iMig 2016) Conference showcased many research works from scientists from around the world. The collaboration, sharing, and discovery that goes on during this conference makes it a vital meeting that measures the state of mesothelioma treatment and research. A great example of how the conference continues to support research into mesothelioma is the Young Investigator Awards given to young research scientists for their efforts in unlocking the mysteries surrounding mesothelioma. We are very pleased to announce that one of five scientists chosen to receive the International Mesothelioma Interest Group’s Young Investigator Awards 2016 is Floris Dammeijer.

International Mesothelioma Interest Group 2016 Young Investigator Awards Recipient Floris Dammeijer

Floris Dammeijer is a PhD candidate at Erasmus Medical Center, Netherlands. In a recent study, Dammeijer collected data from preclinical models clearly indicating that by depleting macrophages from mesothelioma tumors the efficacy of dendritic cell immunotherapy is enhanced. Looking ahead, Dammeijer hopes we can treat mesothelioma patients with this unique combination of therapies.

International Mesothelioma Interest Group and Young Investigator Awards

Selected every two years during the International Mesothelioma Interest Group Conference, the Young Investigator Awards provide a forum for young researchers to share their findings, learn from colleagues, and raise awareness of the global fight against mesothelioma cancers.

Co-created and funded by our sponsors Kazan Law, the Young Investigator Awards recognize the top young research scientists and doctors who are dedicating their work to discover new treatment options for mesothelioma victims.

The history of iMig began in 1991 where a number of scientists, doctors, and medical researchers were attending a conference in Paris. At that conference and led by Dr. Bruce Robinson, a group of people made the decision to form an International Mesothelioma Interest Group. The goal was to improve collaboration and channels of communication among professionals interested in mesothelioma. The newly formed group then decided on the following goals as driving factors behind iMig:

  • Host an international mesothelioma conference on alternate years, moving between Europe and USA, generally as a satellite to either the respiratory or cancer research meetings on either continent.
  • Improve collaboration by generating a list of available resources such as cell lines, monoclonal antibodies, probes etc. as well as making available a list of current research projects and other laboratory techniques that might facilitate collaboration.
  • Produce a newsletter for members on a regular basis.
  • Foster international interest groups to address specific issues of importance, e.g. early diagnosis, thoracoscopy, comparison of national mesothelioma registers etc.



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