Fix Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped Issue On Android

Unfortunately Contact has stopped issue is a common problem in Android devices. Generally, this problem begins as your device getting old. Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped Issue occurs while you try to select a number from the contacts to make a phone call or SMS. But you fail to make a phone call or SMS as you fail to choose a name from the contacts. So how to fix the issue?

Fix Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped Issue On Android

In this guide, I will explain how to fix. Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped Issue on Android Devices.

Step By Step Guide To Fix Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped Issue

Follow the steps carefully to fix the issue in Android Devices. Start from the beginning and move to the next step if the first step does not work for you.
1. Reboot the device: Switch off the device and switch it on again. Rebooting the device is the best way to fix issues like Browser has stopped working, Camera app not working, etc.
2. Clear The App Cache: Clearing the app cache is the next method to resolve unfortunately contacts has stopped issue in an Android Smartphone. Here are the steps clear an Android App Cache.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Find App Management in the settings and tap on it.
  3. Now find Contacts from the list of installed apps on your device.
  4. Tap on contacts.
  5. Now clear the app cache by taping on the “clear cache”.
  6. Now you have cleared the Contacts App cache, and most probably this will fix the issue.

3. Look For A Software Update: Still not worked? Then look for a software update. You can find the software update at the settings if an update is available. In case a software update is available, please update to the latest version.

4. Factory Reset: You should go for a factory reset only if all the above steps failed to fix Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped Issue On Android. Because this will clear all the data on your smartphone and that can never be restored if you do not take a back up. Because of this reason, you must have a complete data back up before you go for a factory reset. In addition to that this will also clear all the previous settings on your device and revert to default settings.

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Final Words

Above steps will fix Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped Issue On Android devices. In some cases, uninstall the Google Plus App from the devices may fix the issue. Please uninstall the updates if you have Google Plus app pre-installed in your smartphone.
In case need any further assistance please feel free to comment below.

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