Best Last-Minute Christmas Gifts For A Mesothelioma Patient

You’ve made your list and checked it twice. By now you’ve got Christmas gifts bought and wrapped for almost everyone on that list. But there may be no getting around the fact that you just don’t know what to get for your family member or friend who is a mesothelioma patient. And now you have to figure out something fast.

We’ve scoured the internet for ideas for you and here are some of the best ones we’ve found. And remember even a gift card or homemade I.O.U. for a game of Scrabble can be placed in a box and wrapped in bright holiday paper.

Event tickets – If the mesothelioma patient is still able to get out, tickets to a local sporting event like a basketball game or soccer match may be fun.

Framed photo – What about a framed photo, maybe even of the two of you, that the mesothelioma patient can look at to be reminded of the special bond you two share?  Many pharmacies and mailing centers such as CVS, RiteAid and FedEx Print & Ship Centers can help you print photos on the spot and will not be as crowded as the big stores. Then you can choose a frame to go with the picture.

Music Mix – Make a music mix of special songs or music pieces for the mesothelioma patient.  Create a playlist on your computer and then transfer the playlist onto a blank CD.  The mesothelioma patient then can choose to either listen to the music in a CD player or transfer it to his or her own computer.

Plush Lounge – The mesothelioma patient who is housebound may welcome some new comfy lounging gear, like a new plush robe and slippers.  Make sure it’s clothing that is very easy to put on for someone who is bed-ridden, but still attractive enough for welcoming daytime visitors.

Plant a Tree or Bush – If the mesothelioma patient lives in a house with a yard or garden, buy and plant a tree or a bush.  Here in California, we can plant all year long. Planting it will give them something to nurture. They will know that after their passing, the tree will remind family and friends of their precious life, changing with the seasons, bringing new growth and with it hope.

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