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Best Apps for Fitness: 7 Fitness Apps to Keep You Active

If physical fitness has always been a part of your daily routine, you might know about some of these great fitness apps. If it hasn’t, it should be. The aging process takes its toll on so many aspects of our lives and bodies: loss of muscle, deteriorating bone density, mental acuity.

No matter what Cher says, you can’t turn back time. What you can do is get into some good habits and routines to make fitness a part of your overall healthy routine and fitness apps can help. It’s proven that increased blood flow to the major organs and muscle groups makes all the difference with everything from cognitive function to physical independence.

If you haven’t been routinely active, check in with your doctor first, but whether you’re new to working out or you’ve been at it for a while, we could all use a boost to help us stay on track and motivated. This is where the fitness apps come in!

7 Fitness Apps to Keep You Active


RunKeeperWhether you’re a casual stroller, an avid hiker or an high-intensity runner, this app will help you to track your routes. Integrated with GPS, it will show you in real time how far you’ve been walking / running, save your favourite routes and even suggest alternate routes to keep your workouts interesting or add some challenge to your pace. You can set goals in it to keep your motivation going and see the progress you’ve been making over time. Share your goals and achievements with friends online and let them be your cheering section!

Strava—Similar to RunKeeper, Strava is all about tracking your goals in running or cycling, but they take it to another level by allowing you to compare your activity level with others. The app will help you to look at your effort from various points of view—distance, speed, pace—to help you tailor your workouts and make them more challenging or to address issues that you want to look at, such as weight loss or cardiovascular conditioning. It also includes information about local walking / running groups, events, and other social based details that can help motivate your activity levels!

Stretch your Yoga Limits

Yoga Studio— Is yoga more your speed? This app provides yoga classes in HD video, with step by step instruction, for everyone from the beginner to advanced enthusiast. Whether you need a 15 minute stretch or a 60 minute full body workout, there is a class for you on this app! You can even customize your classes by choosing from over 1,700 clips of specific poses. The app stitches your choices all together for a seamless video workout.

Home Workout

Sworkit— This app allows you to input your goals—whether you want to become leaner, fitter or stronger—as well as some personal information and then provides you with choices of workouts you can do at home, with no equipment and no running out to the gym. The pre-designed workouts for everything from ‘5 minute abs’ to the ‘daily stretch’ will help motivate your activities every single day. Over time, you can build the workouts that … work for you!

Goal Setting/Training

Couch to 5K—Have you always wanted to run a 5K but don’t know where to start? This app can you get there in 9 weeks. They even have a treadmill version if you’re worried about running outside during the winter months. You get coaches on the app that motivate you, tips to stay on track, cues that guide you through each workout and the app can even sync with your playlist on your phone, to keep it all upbeat and interesting!

Strength Training at the Gym

JeFit— For some of us, weight lifting, whether free or nautilus weights, is the the best option. Or perhaps it’s just one aspect of your workout that you’d like to include but your local gym is a bit intimidating. After all, if you don’t want to pump iron like Arnie, you just want to strengthen and tone, you need the workout that will get you there. This app will help you to create that personalized routine, log your workouts and help you to track your results.

Pressed for Time? 7 Minute Workout

Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout App—You can workout anywhere, anytime, as long as you have 7 minutes to give to the effort in your day! It’s like having a personal trainer in your phone! There are 72 exercises and 22 workouts, each clearly shown on the screen so you know you’re doing the movement the correct way to avoid injury. You can create over a thousand variations on a workout that meet the goals you are looking to achieve. The ‘smart workout’ function will actually tabulate your past efforts and recommend future workouts that increase intensity over time, and in conjunction with your ability and motivation level.


Combine your new or increased level of activity with the nutritional punch your body will be craving by adding proteins to your diet, including essential vitamins and Leucine. A great way to do that is with a delicious smoothie: anyone for a Perfect Peach Smoothie?

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