Alcohol is Directly Linked to Dementia

Drink too much alcohol is not good for health. One US Largest Study prove that if we drink more alcohol than it is risky for early dementia. Alcohol Could increase  risk all types of dementia and other Illness according to one new study.

The Study published today, in the journal Lancet Public Health. In this Study they are looked 1 million people which is under age of 65, who is more drink alcohol. And they are found more than 57% cases of early-onset dementia (before the age of 65), the majority were related to chronic heavy drinking.

The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION(WHO) defines “chronic heavy drinking” as more than 60 grammes of pure alcohol — six or more standard drinks — a day for men, and in excess of 40 grammes per day for women.

This Study is done by Dr Michael Schwarzinger. he is great researcher at the Transitional Health Economics Network in Paris.

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