6 Vital Tips to Take Care Dental Veneers

Smile is the biggest asset that can create a great impact on our personal, professional and social life. That is why you must take special care to restore your pearly whites. You will come across many flaunting their picture-perfect Hollywood smiles these days.

This is made possible by the veneers that are considered to be the best solution for perfectly-shaped teeth. Naturally, veneers are one of the most coveted smile makeover tools available today.

But in order to make the most of these veneers you should take care of them in the best way possible so that they last year after year without trouble. Here are some essential tips about how you can go about it.

  • Maintain Your Oral Hygiene – While the veneer itself won’t get decayed the tooth under the veneer can discolour and decay which will affect the look of the veneer. You are still at the risk of developing the gum disease when you have veneers. For that, you can use an electric toothbrush or an ultra-soft manual to thoroughly clean the teeth. You should also floss gently and use a mouthwash rinse to finish your daily mouth cleaning routine.
  • Do Not Chew on Hard Objects – Although quite long-lasting, the porcelain veneers are not as durable as that of the original teeth. So chewing on the hard objects can make your veneers get chipped or damaged. That is why you should refrain from chewing on hard objects like your fingernails, ice, pencils and pens.
  • Watch on What You Eat – Coffee, soda, wine, tea and other foods that stain the teeth should be taken in minimum amounts. You should also stay away from the hard foods like apples, hard chips, raw carrots and meat with bones. You should also stay away from those items that contain too much of sugar, starchy foods as well as acids like pastas, candies, crackers and breads and the drinks like fruit juice and soda. Also you should not allow the citrus fruits and foods with a lots of colours to sit on the teeth for long time. This way the veneers may get stained too easily.
  • Stay Away from Alcohol– If you consume lots of alcoholic drinks it will soften the bonding composites that are responsible for holding the veneers together. The veneers may not become loose as a result of this but it can make the line of bonding more prone to deterioration, damage and stains. But keep it in mind that just beverages do not contain alcohol. At the time of purchasing toothpastes and mouth washes too you should check the ingredients as they may contain alcohol too.
  • Quit Smoking – Cigarettes and other tobacco products not only deteriorate your overall health but also wreak havoc on your veneers reducing its lifespan as well as its beauty. Nicotine is the common content of these products that can stain your white veneers and make them yellowish in no time.
  • Refrain from Grinding – Regardless of whether you have veneers in your mouth or not, if your grind or clench your teeth you need to stop it. It  has the ability to damage and wear down the veneers.  Not only that, it also has the ability to damage your teeth badly. So if you have this habit you should see the dentist immediately who can help you to come out of this.

The above are some of the ways in which you can take care of your porcelain veneers. In case of the other types of veneers like the amalgam and ceramic veneers the after-care tips are more or less the same but your dentist will further enhance your knowledge regarding these so that you can retain your veneers for the longest time and flaunt your smile with confidence whenever you want.

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