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5 Tips to Making Your Own T-Shirts

Whether you’re starting your own t-shirt business or just plain curious about making your own t-shirts, you’ve come to right place! This article will give you 5 tips on how to create your own t-shirt and maybe even set-up a business with it. From making your own designs to getting it printed from vendors like Escondido T-Shirt Printing, we’ve got you covered. Shirt making doesn’t need to be hard if you know the following tips. Ready? Let’s jump in!

1. Know Your Purpose

There are many reasons why you could possibly want to make your own t-shirts. It could be that you want to start a business, or you simply want to try a new hobby. You could even gift some cute personalized shirts to your friends and relatives if the project goes well. Whatever the reason you have to define it, as it’s important for the next steps.

Creating a t-shirt for business purposes entails a lot of other details like design, marketing, printing and so on, not to mention financial capital. If the shirts are meant for personal use only then you can go crazy with it and even try some DIY tutorials to give your shirts a more personal touch.

2. Learn to Design

You’re not just selling plain shirts, are you? You need to learn how to design. If you don’t, then you can always opt to hire designers for you. Luckily, designing a shirt is very easy, and you don’t even need to be an artist to create smashing and marketable tees. For instance, statement shirts contain very little graphic content and rely more on text. Sure, you have to brainstorm for some witty statements and cool phrases, but once you’ve gone through it, all you need to do is lay out a couple of words on a shirt and voila, you’re ready to print!

Today, there are so many popular styles that prove you don’t need expert drawing or illustration skills to make it big in the shirt  industry. Some minimalist shirts just contain a couple of simple icons as design. Some take these icons to the next level and make patterns from it, which makes for a more interesting print. The design possibilities are endless, just make sure to create original ones and never ever try to copy other people’s work unless you want to get sued!

3. Invest in Printing Tools

When you’re ready with your design, it’s time to take it out to the real world! If you’re just starting out and you don’t have a lot of capital with you, you can try going to t-shirt printing shops to have a couple of shirts printed to keep it as stock. If you have some money and would like to establish your own printing cave, you can buy a simple silk screen setup for under $100. A basic heat press machine, on the other hand, would cost $150 to $250.

4. Choose the Right Printer

If you’re a designer who wants a shirt business but doesn’t want to focus on the production aspect of it, then you’ve got to partner with a local printer who can deliver the products properly and on time.

If you don’t want to go this route, you’re in luck. As a designer, you can just easily upload your designs to print-on-demand websites such as TeeSpring, RedBubble, and Merch by Amazon. This allows you to outsource the printing to the webstore so you can just focus on designing merch.

5. Market Well

If you want to make your first sale, you’ve got to market your work! For starters, get your family and friends in the loop with your new venture to get some support. There are several ways to promote your product. You can create a Facebook  and Instagram page for it. Create several marketing paraphernalia and consider boosting them on social media. Do your research to see what’s hot and trending among your peers to get ideas.

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