5 Essentials for the Perfect Picnic this Summer

Summer is already taking over.   Do you ever have plans on getting out together with your family, friends, or even lover?  Probably you have thought previously about going to the beach, out of the country, joyriding, or doing a picnic. If you have any plans this summer, take the fundamental and easiest activity which almost everyone sees as relaxing – doing a picnic.  If the answer is yes, then the question is: Are you ready on the things you need to prepare before leaving?

You might be asking what to pack and what to leave to enjoy the whole day solemn bonding with your family if you choose to.   So upon getting ready, consider the place you will be going, even though it is expected that it would be scorching, you need to stay close with these essentials to make sure that you will have a classy and cozy type of picnic this summer. Of course, let us count in first, since it is already given and logically connected; bring a good supply of SPF and sunglasses.

1. Refreshers and other drinks inside a cooler

There are many refreshers that you could bring while you will be in the picnic area.  It is vital that you need to bring with you all the time to bring partially frozen water, juices, or wine or other drinks you wanted to take.  These three has the most significant use while all of you are talking and doing something within the picnic blanket.

Partially frozen water

Since you have an outdoor activity, hydration is what you need to maintain.  You need to keep with you partially chilled water inside the cooler so that in any time, even if the ice will be converted into water, it is still refreshing and soothing.


If you have kids with you, there are possibilities that they likely wanted flavored drinks rather than water.  So as an alternative, you can bring juice for temporary water replacement.


If you are with your friends or even parents, wine suits you.  The taste of wine together with the conversation you have which may involve any success in life, or plans that you wanted to achieve, gives you cheerful whenever here is a toast that clangs.  And to make it more sophisticated, go and grab Margaux.

2. Finger-food foodies

Getting silverwares or bags of plates is convenient if you are having heavy meals.  However, if you are in a picnic, you will not have a fun day whenever you are going to get busy clearing off these dining materials after use.  So, consider only bringing finger-foods which can be eaten with the use of fork or tissues. Tasty picnic foods may include fruits like berries, apples, hard-boiled eggs, or anything that you want just as long as it is finger-food foodies.  

Avoid also frosting foods because this will make your moment messy which include ice cream because it is sweet.  If you wanted to eat a dessert after a series of eating finger-food, you could consider brownies or cookies. These are non-frosting foods but can be served as you dessert to eat for the meantime.   

3. Outdoor games

Since you are already in the bigger space, you can have fun after eating the foods which you have brought.  That is why: do not forget to bring outdoor games which you could play at any time within your picnic. It will keep all of you to stay interested and fun even if you will be just watching the players.  If there are kids, you can go with them too to keep the energy alive.

4. Picnic-area material

Of course, since you are expecting that you can relax within the area you will be doing your picnic, do not forget to pack a waterproof blanket or mat to stay dry and mess-free within your place.  You can also bring with you a big umbrella to keep you away from the direct heat of the sun. The living room pillows may also be part of the list to help you feel comfortable lying down or sitting.

Aside from this, it is cliché that mostly, the foods which you brought should be kept in storage.  Yes. It is not necessary for you to get the most expensive basket to achieve the perfect picnic. Just make sure that you have a decent basket wherein the foods are safe.  If you wanted the picnic to become more interesting, you could bring out travel grill to help you with your any possible foods to grill.


Wherever you will go, there are things that you need to remember to bring and to leave behind.  The things that you will bring during a picnic activity can help the experience become more memorable not only for you but also for the people you are with.  The abovementioned essentials are mostly the things you need to bring to keep yourself enjoyed while doing a picnic. Make your picnic experience more fun by taking with you the five essentials which may help you in any instance that may occur within the whole duration of your picnic.

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