4 Ways to Overcome Mesothelioma Treatment Fatigue

Living with the symptoms of mesothelioma can be the hardest thing you’ll ever experience, but if it seems like your mesothelioma treatment plan is leaving you feeling tired or overworked, this can make your battle even more difficult.

A full night’s rest is essential for strengthening your body’s defenses against the harmful impact of mesothelioma. But if you wake up and still feel fatigued and need to nap throughout the day just to make it through your treatment plan, you’re likely searching for a better understanding of what could be causing this drowsiness.

Among the main reasons for mesothelioma cancer-related fatigue include undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy or other types of mesothelioma treatment options. Individuals who take cisplatin, a medication used to combat mesothelioma, may also be prone to sleeplessness.

With these four tips, you can try to overcome mesothelioma cancer-related fatigue and make your dedicated sleep periods restful and effective. For family members and loved ones, these tips can help you gain a better understanding of what a loved one is going through.

1. Maintain a healthy diet
Sleeping better is about more than just going to sleep when you can – it’s also about making positive lifestyle choices, which in turn can positively impact your energy levels. To help reduce fatigue-related problems during mesothelioma treatment, avoid caffeine and alcohol, and opt for healthier foods and drinks to consume. Maintaining a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals can have a substantial influence on your ability to gain more fulfilling rest while dealing with mesothelioma.

2. Stay active
A mesothelioma diagnosis will change your life completely and force you to reconsider the activities you once engaged in daily with new perspective. For many people, receiving a mesothelioma diagnosis can result in stress, anxiety, sadness and depression – the signs and symptoms of mesothelioma can also rob people of their strength and energy.

As a result, it’s not uncommon for a sleep schedule to become disrupted if a person is coping with a mesothelioma cancer diagnosis. One way to reduce cancer-related fatigue is to explore new ways of being active.

Consult with a doctor before exercising or engaging in any form of aerobic activity, as you don’t want to place additional pressure on your body. Devoting 15 to 30 minutes daily to mild exercise like walking can make a significant difference in your body’s ability to fend off fatigue and combat mesothelioma.

3. Reach out to a doctor or a healthcare professional
If you’re having trouble getting a solid night’s rest, you should let your doctor know. He or she can help you gain a better understanding of what might be the cause, and may be able to provide resources to help you settle down for the night with greater ease.

It can also be essential that you alert your doctor to your sleeping problems because it could negatively impact the quality of your mesothelioma treatment. If you’re struggling each night to get a good rest, don’t hesitate to let a medical professional know, as it could be a sign that some aspect of your treatment is not as effective as it could be.

4. Follow a set sleep schedule
Practicing good sleep habits is something that may not seem essential, but it can actually have a significant effect on your battle against mesothelioma cancer. Something as simple as choosing a bedtime and following it each night can set your body on a nightly schedule that can be beneficial for your overall health.

To reinforce the importance of your sleep routine, turn off all electronic devices – like your laptop, cell phone or tablet – and abstain from caffeine or other stimulants that could make it difficult for you to settle down in bed. Once you are ready to go to bed, be sure to shutter your blinds and shut off any lights that may filter into your bedroom, as this can be a distraction that keeps you from getting a restful night’s sleep.

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