4 Tips You Should Know About Obtaining Child Custody

Family disputes, separation, and divorce can be very emotional and destabilizing, especially for the children who end up being fought over by the parents for custody.

Handling child custody requires lots of patience, time and mental strength to go through the gruesome process.

Below are a few tips you should consider when you are seeking to obtain your child’s custody.

  1.    Find a Strong Legal Team

Child custody process usually has very intricate and complex issues revolving around family law. Such aspects may be difficult for you to grasp.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to come up with a strong team of divorce attorneys who will guide you through the process. The team will be able to explain to you the legalities pertaining to child custody, assist you in processing the relevant documents and advice you.

Establishing a team of attorneys to represent you can be expensive, so you might want to opt for free consultations and free legal clinics to get advice if you cannot afford.

  1.    Create a Good Perception                                 

Remember, you are not the only one seeking custody of your children, even your partner is fighting for it. So, perception is very essential in getting custody rights granted to you.

With the help of your legal team, try to portray a good picture of yourself. The objective is to ensure that the court portrays you in good light.

Do everything in your power to cultivate a loving, financially capable, competent and trustworthy parental image. Observe strong etiquette and confidence throughout the custody hearing sessions. Show the court that you are willing to work with your ex-partner for the betterment of the kids.

Bear in mind that your behavior during the whole process will add to the final verdict. So, be at your very best.

  1.    Different Custody Types Exist

Sole custody and joint custody are the two main child custody categories found in most countries family laws.

Sole custody is when one parent is given the responsibility to make major decisions pertaining to the child’s welfare. Joint custody is when both parents are granted similar responsibilities when it comes to making major decisions pertaining to the child’s welfare.

Therefore, depending on your divorce situation, you can go for the custody option that suits your needs. Of the two, joint custody is usually the best.

Bear in mind that you can agree on joint custody terms with your partner and have the court formalize it. This can save you money and time.

  1.    Modifications Can Be Done

Yes, now that you have finally obtained your children’s custody, it is important to note that circumstances can change over time. This will require you to modify the child custody agreement.

For instance, your partner could be facing a tough time financially due to job loss, hence not being able to keep up with child support payments. Such a circumstance could warrant custody modification. The change in children’s needs in some instances would also warrant modifications to be undertaken.

Take note, modifications do not just happen in the snap of a finger. It is a process that takes place at least one year from the date when the current custody agreement was agreed upon by the court and by following due legal procedures.

Additionally, it also requires material and substantial changes to have occurred within that stipulated time frame. Such should be well-documented in order to be used as proof to warrant modification changes.

Obtaining child custody should not be a bloodbath between you and your ex-partner. Be willing to compromise when necessary and remember that your children’s needs are the most important.

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