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4 Tips to Hiring Translation Services for Your Company

The number of languages spoken in the US is 350 and the most commonly spoken ones are Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), & Tagalog. These languages have 40.5 million, 3.4 million, and 1.7 million speakers respectively. The statistics on languages in the US proves that most businesses in the country operate in a multilingual environment. It is also true that international trade leads to interactions with non-English speakers from foreign countries. Therefore, translating documents into languages that non-English speakers understand is an excellent idea because doing so facilitates local and international trade. Here are 4 tips to hiring translation services for your company.

  1.    The Turnaround Time
    Time is a critical factor in business. That is especially true when it comes to processing documents between companies or institutions. These documents include licenses, contracts, proposals, invoices, and business plans. Translating them as soon as possible so that you can have enough time to correct or sign them is important. However, doing that is impossible if you are working with an incompetent translation company. Therefore, determining the turnaround time for the documents before you hand them over is an excellent idea.

  2.   Input from Human Translators
    Overreliance on machines is an unfortunate reality for many companies in the translation business. These machines translate volumes of documents within minutes. However, the translations they offer you are incomplete and at times, incorrect. For example, capturing expressions such as idioms, proverbs, or satire is difficult when you are using an automated translator. It is worth noting that the structure of languages differs in many cases. For instance, the French language has feminine and masculine words for the word ‘the.’ Consequently, losing the meaning of certain phrases is possible if the company relies on automated translations without proofreading by human translators.

  3.   The Price Vis-À-Vis the Quality
    Different companies charge different prices for the translation service that they offer you. The factors influencing their pricing strategies differ as well. For example, some companies hire a vast number of translators while others rely on machines. Go for a translation company that charges you a fair price for its services. In other words, what the company charges should reflect the costs that it incurs. It should reflect the prevailing industry standards as well and a reasonable profit margin. Moreover, it should be of high quality so that you receive value for your money. Companies with highly or lowly priced translations are out of tune with prevailing standards in the industry.

4.    The Translator’s Experience
Choosing an experienced translation company like Lighthouse Translations is an excellent idea for many reasons. One of them is that the company is serious about its work. In contrast, startups are trying it to see if this business would help them earn loads of money. An experienced organization understands the various needs that clients have. For example, lawyers and publishers of fiction have different needs when they want their work translated. At the same time, they deserve an equal level of attention and quality. Finally, translators understand the cultural parameters that exist when translating a document, audio file, or video from one language to another.

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