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4 Motorcycle Parts You Should Know How To Fix

You have probably noticed that motorcycle shops are always in high demand. However, you should only engage your mechanic in real problems instead of little jobs that you can learn how to do yourself. Even though mechanics are the best repairers, you can save them a lot of time and save yourself a significant amount of money if you fix the simple issues yourself. Any motorcycle rider should also have some basic knowledge of how to fix some parts just in case something was to go wrong while out on the open road. Such skills are crucial because you may find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere. At times, your motorcycle will not start, and you cannot ride it to a mechanic shop. Read on to discover four motorcycle parts you should know how to fix.

1.   Tires

 One of the most vital maintenance checks you should know is your tire pressures. Most riders often ignore or forget to do this routine check. Ensure that you check your pressure at least once a week. Checking and adjusting the tire pressure is not a difficult as you may think. Additionally, this is not a job for your professional mechanic. The wrong pressure can lead to trouble. If the pressure is too high, you may lack grip. If it is too low, you will have ineffective braking and handling. Use a quality tire pressure gauge to check your pressure. Allow the manufacturers manual to guide you on the correct pressure. Do not forget to check the tire condition and tread depth and determine whether you need new tires.

2.    Chain

 If your chain is wrongly adjusted, you may experience expensive repairs that you could avoid. If you do not set your chain right, expect your bike to experience heavy wear and tear in the gearbox, sprocket, and rear suspension. You can use a workshop manual to guide you on how to adjust the tension. Make sure you have someone or a piece of luggage sitting on the bike when adjusting the tension. Use a torque wrench and the manufacturer’s instructions to tighten your blots. Remember to lube the chain when you have finished your maintenance.

3.    Brake Pads.

Replacing your brakes may seem challenging because of their nature, but it is a simple task. However, if it is your first time, you can consider calling a professional to guide you. Screwing up your brakes requires the right tools and parts and follow your manufacturer’s instructions. Calipers come in different styles. Some will allow you to access the pads without taking the entire caliper off, while others will let you go through a plate to get to the pads. Regardless of the style, your user manual will give you clear instructions on how to replace your brake pads.

4.    Batteries.

Always maintain a healthy battery for your bike. Check for the acid level and fill it up with deionized water if it is too low. Take care not to overfill the battery, and charge it using a motorcycle battery charger. Some bikes do not have accessible batteries. As such, grease the terminals to avoid corrosion.Always purchase motorcycle parts from trusted dealers such as solomotoparts.

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