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20 Best Android Apps You can Use When You are Offline

10 Best Android Apps You can Use When You are Offline

Android has a huge number of apps and there are so many categories available for the apps that you cannot just find up the limits. In this article, we have listed about the best apps that you can actually enjoy to use when you are offline or without the internet connection. Just read the article to know about that awesome apps.

Although there are so many apps on Google Play store for the Android but most of them are probably needing the network abilities to provide you the experience. You could rarely find up the apps of such type that do not actually require internet facility or the connection so as to work on the Android or any other platforms too. There are some general offline apps that can be used up like calculator, stopwatch etc but that all cannot be used all time long. In this article, we have listed about the best apps that you can actually enjoy to use when you are offline or without the internet connection. Just read the article to know about that awesome apps.

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20 Best Android Apps You can Use When You are Offline

Below are the apps that user can use when they are offline and you will be surely gonna love this. So have a look on all these apps below.

#1 Pocket

Pocket Pocket

This is a great app for the Android users because by using this app, a user can easily keep up the images, text, videos and other content saved that that can be accessed when in offline mode without using any internet data. This makes it really easy for the users to remain updated with the content that they like and keep it as notes for further usage. All that is needed is just surf and save up the data on the offline local drive and hence access it afterward.

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#2 HERE WeGo


This is the best Offline Maps and Navigation software that I feel is a must have app for the users those who use to travel a lot to unknown places. There could be no problem faced like loss of connection, internet issues while using this Maps and navigation app because you will be accessing it in the offline mode. You can download up to the location Map of even the whole of the world or the country and then use it further whenever required without any internet connection. Google Maps do provide up such a feature inbuilt but it doesn’t work that very smoothly like it works on the HERE WeGo app, so to enjoy using this offline maps feature use it.

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#3 PlayerFM


This is the best ever podcasts app that can be used on the Android devices, just tell up the PlayerFM your topics of interest that you can do out of more than 500 topics and then subscribe to these. You can also configure this app to update the subscribed podcasts and then you could watch it later when in offline mode. You get all the common features apart from the offline mode and hence you can easily enjoy working with this podcast app, so download it and try it for sure.

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#4 Kiwix


If you are wondering whether if you can actually download the total Wikipedia to your device that possibly you cannot even do on the PC also, then this app could be your real gold you are finding for so much time. This app just downloads the whole Wikipedia database to the Android device and then let up the users to access it later without any internet connection as the major requirement. Just tap up the topics listed in a great UI style and then find up the details for it and also at the lightning fast speeds because there are no internet speed disturbances as the content becomes offline.

#5 Financius


Just download this app and start managing your expenditure or the monthly income, money spends etc everything in a great style. You can easily input up to the profits, loss etc everything that happens to your income and therefore keep the great check on what all have you done with your money and what things are missing. There is support for the multiple accounts too and the different currencies are also supported, hence it’s really easy to work on various aspects of your managing sheet.

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#6 FeedMe


FeedMe is a simple and full-featured offline RSS reader for Feedly, InoReader, Bazqux, The Older Reader and Feedbin, aiming at providing the best user experience for users to read and manage your favorite articles.

#7 Feedly


With Feedly, you can easily organize all your publications, blogs, YouTube channels, and more in one place and consume and share more efficiently. No more zig-zagging. All the content comes to you in one place, in a clean and easy-to-read format.

#8 YouTube Go

YouTube GoYouTube Go
YouTube Go

YouTube Go is the new app from Android. This app provides users the option to save YouTube videos for offline view. So, users can download their favorite youtube video with YouTube Go app and can watch them offline without the internet.

#9 Offline Browser

Offline BrowserOffline Browser
Offline Browser

With the Offline browser you can download all the web pages you need to read during the day; then you can browse the content also when you have no WiFi or mobile connection. In this way, you can also save money and mobile internet traffic.

#10 Monospace


Monospace is a minimal note and writing app, built from the ground up with a designed-for-touch UI. You can access great features on the app without being online.

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#11 Google Play Books

Google Play BooksGoogle Play Books
Google Play Books

If you love to read books in your free times, then without any doubt, Google Play Books could be the best choice for you. Google Play Books allows users to download the book while connected to the internet. Once downloaded, you can read your books, comics, and textbooks on Android even when you are offline.

#12 Podcast App

Podcast AppPodcast App
Podcast App

Well, there are lots of Podcast apps available on Google Play Store. However, Podcast Player from Player FM is the best one which you can have on your Android smartphone or tablet. The app basically downloads all the podcasts that you have subscribed for offline access.

#13 Spotify


Spotify music is free if you listen to the ads. However, it also have a premium version which offers the download feature. You can utilize the feature to download your favorite music for offline access. Moreover, the premium version of Spotify also removes ads from the app.

#14 Google Drive

Google DriveGoogle Drive
Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best service provided by Google. The app includes Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Drawings and more. You can capture your notes and can work on it offline with the help of Google Drive.

#15 AccuWeather


This is one of the best offline weather app which you can have on your Android smartphone or tablet. Well, like most of the app listed above, this one also needs to be used online at some point. However, AccuWeather provides users a feature in which you can get accurate 15-day forecast. So, even if you don’t have access to the internet for two weeks, you can still get the reports.

#16 NetFlix


Without any doubt, NetFlix is one of the most popular video streaming app that is being used to watch movies, TV series and other video content. The best thing is that NetFlix have an app for Android and iPhone devices and it also features an offline feature. However, Netflix has some limit on what you can watch since all the content available on NetFlix is not available for offline viewing. However, you can still try your luck to find the ‘Available for download’ section just behind your favorite video. Once downloaded, you can watch it later without using the internet.

#17 Napster Music

Napster MusicNapster Music
Napster Music

This is one of the famous music streaming app which you would love to have on your Android smartphone. Well, Napster Music allows users to download Music files for offline playback and create playlists. However, this is a premium app and users get a 30-day trial that can be used to access over 30 million songs. The app doesn’t show ads and you can download unlimited songs for offline playback.

#18 reddit offline

reddit offlinereddit offline
reddit offline

As the name of the app says, Reddit Offline is an app which brings reddit content to your Android smartphone. You can download contents from Reddit when you have internet and read then when you don’t. The app is specially designed by keeping offline mode in mind. So, each and every feature listed in the app doesn’t need the working internet connection. However, you need to use the internet for downloading content. Once downloaded, you can access it anytime.

#19 Amazon Kindle App

Amazon Kindle AppAmazon Kindle App
Amazon Kindle App

Well, Amazon Kindle app is for those who read eBook most of the time. The great thing about the Amazon Kindle app is that it first saves every ebook for offline reading. That simply means that you can read your favorite eBooks for hours even without an internet connection. So, Amazon Kindle app is another best app for eBook readers that you can have.

#20 TripAdvisor


TripAdvisor is for those who travel a lot. The great thing about TripAdvisor is that it works offline and it provides users City guides. Not just that, but TripAdvisor also offers offline access to photos of over 300 cities. So, TripAdvisor is another best app which every traveler would love to have.

So, at the end of the article, you have known about the best offline apps for the Android which can be used without the internet connection. You would have required a lot of search in the Google Play store so as to find up that kind of apps but too easy up your hassle we have listed above these best offline apps, Just install these apps and give them a real try!

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