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15 Useful Apps To Shoot DSLR Like Videos On Your iPhone

10 Useful Apps To Shoot DSLR Like Videos On Your iPhone

Today most of the users want videos capturing like that of DSLR.Let’s have a look at 10 Useful Apps to Shoot DSLR like Videos on iPhone that will help you to shoot the whole videos on your iPhone. Follow the guide to proceed.

We always prefer to capture our precious moments in videos and pictures, and all these moments could be more pleasant when they are recorded in sound quality. As in perfect quality and focus, many moments looks impressive, but today most of the users want videos capturing like that of DSLR. That is why we are here to guide you in this with the help of some cool apps that will move your video shooting to next level. So have a look at all these apps below.

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#1 MoviePro


The best in a line of top video recording applications is the MoviePro which will permit you to change each likely part of settings while recording records on iPhone. You can’t just modify the determination, outline rate or the video, however, the sound quality can likewise be controlled utilizing the volume for the mic as a part of the application. Additionally, it will likewise let you preset the span of video being the record. A unique component in MoviePro is the Spy mode from the settings, by empowering this element, the screen of the iPhone will transform into the dark while the video will be recorded out of sight. You can likewise set the clock for video recording, and there is additionally an alternative to empower manual controls from the settings. In all in, it is the best video recording application from App store.

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#2 Videon


Videon is a video recording application to pull recordings on your iPhone simply like an expert. In the same way as other expert video recording applications, it gives the necessary capacities, yet it likewise has something additional to add to highlights, for instance: highlight to zoom in or out is best in it and is determined by a little wheel at base right corner. You can likewise take photographs while recording recordings utilizing video and the best thing is that amid recording cameras can undoubtedly be changed from back to front with no intrusion. Once the recording is done, the recordings can certainly be put away in the camera roll or application reports.

#3 Pro Cam 3

Pro Cam 3Pro Cam 3
Pro Cam 3

Pro Cam is a standout amongst the most mainstream video recording applications with the most flexible alternatives. You can add date stamps to your records, area, Copyright marks and can even change the textual style, size, and shade of these stamps. The sound meter for recording a video can likewise be altered from normal to crest level. It additionally has worked in video adjustment choice. Another surprising element is unique settings for Time-lapse recordings; you can without much of a stretch set the screen brilliance for time-lapse recordings, delay and can even add soundtracks to time pass records. With everything taken into account, it gives continuous expert video recording appropriate on iPhone.

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#4 Fish Eye 

Fish Eye Fish Eye 
Fish Eye

The fisheye is the thing that you ought to utilize; it won’t just give you a chance to record wide edge recordings additionally gives diverse sorts of impacts to expand the excellence of your recordings. Before you attempt to utilize this application, ensure that it doesn’t require any equipment and it is only a product reenactment. It is not merely like any video recording application; it is diverse in any viewpoint. Additionally, after recording the records will be spared in exceptional quality.

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#5 VizzyWig 8HD

VizzyWig 8HDVizzyWig 8HD
VizzyWig 8HD

You can record 4K recordings idea from your iPhone utilizing VizzyWig 8HD. In spite of the fact that the application is exorbitant, it gives extremely encouraging outcome and works superbly on iPhone 5S. In this way, if you an expert and need to record a 4K music video, you ought to attempt this application. Besides, it likewise gives numerous choices from the settings from adding Screenshot to post-recording work, for example, altering and sparing in High quality.

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#6 ProShot


This is another awesome camera app that is made available for your iPhone. You can use ProShot camera app for photography and video recording. This app has multiple options to choose from like Auto, Manual and Pro modes. You can capture 4K Video, 4K Timelapse.

#7 Kinomatic


Kinomatic is another awesome camera app which provides pro-level video recording options. You can shoot 4K videos, set ISO Values and shutter speed manually. Moreover, with Kinomatic you can monitor the audio levels while recording.

#8 FiLMic Pro

FiLMic ProFiLMic Pro
FiLMic Pro

This is one of the best Video camera app ever made for iPhone. If you want to take your iPhone video recording to the next level, then this is the much-needed app. FiLMic Pro features a user-friendly interface and you can customize almost everything in it.

#9 Filmakr


With Filmakr you can make your own beautiful videos with one tap. With this app, you can shoot and edit videos like a professional. You can shoot DSLR type slow motion videos with Filmakr this also has 30 powerful preset to can give your video a finishing touch.

#10 ProMovie Recorder

ProMovie RecorderProMovie Recorder
ProMovie Recorder

This is another easy to use app which features a clean interface. It supports 4k, 3K video recording with iPhone 6 and above models. Users will get a manual camera control which let users set exposure, focus and white balance.

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#11 Camera Awesome

Camera AwesomeCamera Awesome
Camera Awesome

Well, this is another awesome app for your iPhone which can replace the default camera app. The best part about this app is that it can also click high-quality images. The camera app actually provides some awesome feature to compose the best videos.

#12 VivaVideo Pro

VivaVideo ProVivaVideo Pro
VivaVideo Pro

If you are looking for an all-in-one video recording app for your iPhone, then you should go with VivaVideo Pro. The app provides lots of awesome video recording features which will help you to record mind-blowing videos. You can also edit your recorded videos and can apply filters in it.

#13 ProCam 6

ProCam 6ProCam 6
ProCam 6

ProCam 6 is a premium camera app for your iPhone which is probably the best on the list. The best thing about ProCam 6 is that it provides users a manual camera which you can use to adjust various aspects of the camera. You can adjust aperture, ISO level, Bokeh effect, etc with ProCam 6. So, it’s definitely the best iPhone camera app that you can use today.

#14 Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere ClipAdobe Premiere Clip
Adobe Premiere Clip

If you are looking for a video app for your iOS device that allows users to shoot amazing videos, then Adobe Premiere Clip might be the best pick for you. Guess what? with Adobe Premiere Clip you can darken darks and whiten whites. Nit just that, but with Adobe Premiere Clip you can even add hues and tints to give your videos a cinematic touch.

#15 Obscura 2

Obscura 2Obscura 2
Obscura 2

Obscura 2 is another premium camera app which you can use on your iPhone to capture DSLR like photos. The great thing about Obscura 2 is that it provides users advanced camera controls to capture the most amazing pictures. If that was not enough to convince you, then let me tell you that Obscura 2 also offers a wide range of gorgeous filters to add style to your images.

So above are the 15 Useful Apps to Shoot DSLR like Videos on Your iPhone. Use these apps and you will surely love the videos that you shoot using these apps. And hope you like the guide, keep on sharing with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

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