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12 Best App Like YouTube For Android to Download in 2019

Best YouTube Alternative Apps For Android To Download In 2019

An App like YouTube for Android: YouTube is the most popular videos streaming app with millions of downloads around the Globe. YouTube is the Wikipedia of Knowledge. It is loaded with millions of videos created by different YouTube creators around the Globe.

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If you are a regular YouTube viewer, then you probably know that YouTube videos are full of ads. In addition to that, you can not use other apps like WhatsApp or Facebook while enjoying YouTube as it does not support video playback in the background.

Here in this article, I will introduce you 12 best YouTube like apps with unique features that traditional YouTube does not have.

Also, you can not use other apps when you watch videos on YouTube as it does not play in the background. As I said earlier, playing YouTube videos in the background is very useful as it allows you to do other activities like browsing on the internet or social media.

Best YouTube Alternative Apps For Android To Download Today

Here I have a list of 12 best  YouTube Alternative Apps for Android to watch videos without any ads. These apps also offer much more features than the official YouTube app.

1. YouTube++ App

Are you looking for YouTube Premium for free? Then YouTube++ Apk is the better option for you. This app has all the premium features of official YouTube, and this app will work on non-rooted Android devices as well.

YouTube++ is one of the best-modified version of YouTube App which offers ads-free videos, video playback in the background and much more.

Features of YouTube++ App

  1. Play videos without ads.
  2. Support multi-tasking as it plays videos in the background.
  3. Download videos in desired quality.
  4. Geometric restrictions unlocked. (No Need to use an overseas VPN server)
  5. Age restriction unlocked.
  6. Works along with official YouTube App. You do not need to force close or uninstall official YouTube all to install YouTube++ App.
  7. No need to have a credit card or debit card to use YouTube++ App.


2. OG YouTube App

OG YouTube is another best YouTube Alternative Apps for Android. It has many features that official YouTube does not have. Unlike other YouTube modified apps, OG YouTube is not ads-free. OG YouTube will not be a better option if you are looking for ads-free YouTube videos. However, it has many other features that you will like for sure.

Features of OG YouTube

  1. It exactly looks like the official YouTube App.
  2. Play YouTube videos in the background with a single tap
  3. Minimise YouTube videos: It allows you to play YouTube video in the small portion of the smartphone screen. So that you can do other activities on your smartphone while enjoying YouTube videos.
  4. Download YouTube Videos in HD quality on OG YouTube. You can download any videos by taping on the download icon located just below on every YouTube videos.
  5. Geo-restriction unlocked in this version of YouTube like app. You can choose country based contents on OGYouTube.
  6. It runs along with the traditional YouTube app without installing any third party app.


3. New Pipe App

New Pipe App for Android.jpeg

New Pipe App for Android.jpegNew Pipe App is one of the most popular lightweight YouTube alternative apps for any devices. You do not need to have a Google Play Services installed phone to download New Pipe App.

Instead of collecting data from Google Play API or Services, it directly receives the info from the YouTube website and displays it on a mobile App.

Features of New Pipe App

  1. New Pipe App is a perfect choice for low-end devices.
  2. It plays videos without Google Play Services.
  3. Supports video playback in the background.
  4. With this app, you can download YouTube videos in different resolutions and also as an audio file.
  5. Does not require a login to enjoy videos on this YouTube alternative app.
  6. Unlock age restricted contents with New Pipe App without login.

New Pipe App Download For Android

4. Vidmate App

Vidmate App App Download

Vidmate App App DownloadVidmate is not just an app like YouTube for Android. It offers much more! It is a lightweight all in one app from where you can watch or download latest movies, download apps, download status videos and images for free.

In addition to that, Videmate allows you to download YouTube videos in different resolutions for free.

Features of Vidmate App for Android

  1. Simple and beautiful user UI.
  2. Download YouTube videos in different qualities.
  3. With Vidmate, you can download videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Instagram, Tumbler, etc. for free.
  4. Stream or download Bollywood, Hollywood or International movies for free.

Unfortunately, Vidmate app is not available for download in Google Play Store as it is not in compliance with Google Play Policies. But you can download Vidmate App from below link for free.


5. Tubemate App For Android

Tubemate Apk

Tubemate ApkRather than a YouTube Alternative App, Tubemate is considered as one of the best YouTube video downloader app available today. With the Tubemate App, you can download YouTube videos into your smartphone gallery to watch later.

Features of Tubemate App

  1. Download Videos Not only from YouTube but also other videos streaming sites like Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram, Twitter, Mango TV, etc. to your smartphone gallery and share videos with your friends.
  2. Simple and easy to navigate user interface.
  3. Tubemate App allow you to download videos directly into external SD Card.
  4. Convert Videos into MP3 files.

As Tubemate is not available in the Google Play Store, you have to download it as an APK file. Download the Tubemate App for free from below link.


6. YouTube Vanced App For Android

YouTube Vanced is a popular app like YouTube for Android. It offers all the premium features of YouTube Red for free. YouTube Red, YouTube Black, and YouTube Blue are popular versions of YouTube modified app. All these apps have the same features in common.

Download any of YouTube Vanced app if you want to enjoy YouTube Premium service for free on your non-rooted Android device.

If you want to sign in to YouTube Vanced App, then you have to download another app called Micro-G App. You can continue without Micro-G App if you do not want to sign in to YouTube.

I recommend you to download Micro-G App as you cannot download YouTube videos without signing in to the app.

Now let us discuss the features of YouTube Vaned App.

Features of YouTube Vanced App

  1. Look exactly like traditional YouTube App.
  2. Play videos in the background.
  3. Download YouTube videos in different qualities.
  4. YouTube Vanced App is available for download for both rooted and non-rooted devices.
  5. The dark mode is available in YouTube Vanced App. This feature is yet to be released in the YT official App.

YouTube Vanced app is also not available for download in the Google Play Store. But you can download this app from the below safe download link.


7. Play Lite for YouTube App

Play Lite for YouTube is an ultra lightweight YouTube like app for Android with fantastic features. It is perfect for those who are on a slow network connection as it automatically switches to lower resolution videos. It is an ideal app if you want to enjoy audio only.

In addition to that, Play Lite for YouTube App also offers some other features like loot play and float play of YouTube videos.

Features of Play Lite for YouTube App

  1. It is one of the best lighter version of YouTube App.
  2. Play Lite for YouTube offers Loot Play and Flot play.
  3. No additional ads are displayed other than regular ads on YouTube.
  4. Play videos in full-screen view.
  5. Floating window* option is supported in Play Lite For YouTube App

*There is some restriction in Floating Window option in the free version of the app. To unlock this restriction, you need to subscribe to the premium version. But I do not recommend this as we already have more than a couple of apps which offers unlimited floating window options for free.

8. YouTube Go App

YouTube Go is one of the best YouTube Alternative Apps developed by Google. YouTube Go has a simple UI and easy to navigation feature. It works perfectly on low-end devices and also on a slower network.

Features of YouTube Go App

  1. YouTube Go is perfect for a slower connection.
  2. Directly download videos into external SD Card to save space on your phone memory.
  3. Help you to choose the desired video quality when you select one video to play.
  4. YouTube Go App’s latest smart feature allows you to share videos with nearby devices by creating a WiFi Hotspot between the two devices.

9. iTube App

Like Tubemate, iTube App is a YouTube Video downloader app with a background video playback feature. Using the iTube App, you can download videos from YouTube in HD quality into your mobile phone gallery.

Once it downloaded into your device, you can watch the videos any time even without an internet connection. Thus iTube app helps you save a lot of data, and it is beneficial if you are on a limited data plan.

Features of iTube App

  1. iTube app has an easy to use and simple user interface.
  2. Download YT Videos in different quality.
  3. Play videos and music in the background.
  4. No ads at the beginning of YouTube videos.


10. Flytube App

FlyTube App for Android

FlyTube App for AndroidFlytube is another beautiful YouTube Alternative  Apps for Android in 2019. It is specially designed for people those who love to use YT App as a music player.

Flytube App can play YouTube videos in the background when you use other apps or even when the screen is off. This is a great feature that the traditional YT app does not have.

You can also open the YT videos as a floating window on your smartphone screen, and you can move this floating window anywhere on the screen. Because of this feature, you can use WhatsApp or any other app on the smartphone while watching videos on Flytube App.

Features of Flytube App.

  1. Add YT videos into your music library.
  2. Supports multi-tasking as it supports video playback in the background.
  3. Use any apps on your phone while watching videos on Flytube App. Thanks for minimised video playback.
  4. Enjoy YT without ads with Floating Tube App.


11. iYTBP App

iYTBP (Injected YouTube Background Playback)App is another best YouTube modified  App, and it functions exactly like YouTube Vanced App. This app developed by a group of developers from XDA developers by injecting some code into official YouTube APK. It does not require you to have a rooted device to install and use iYTBP App. It perfectly works on non-rooted smartphones as well.

Features of iYTBP App

  1. Play videos in the background.
  2. Enjoy YouTube videos without ads before and during the video playback.
  3. Download YT videos in the desired quality.
  4. Tap to zoom feature enables in iYTBP App.

Now the developers have discontinued the support to the iYTBP app and the entire project transferred under YouTube Vanced Project for future development.


12. Audio Pocket App

Audio Pocket is a fantastic app for music lovers. Just share the YT video link with Audio Pocket App, and it will convert the videos into MP3 songs. So that you can enjoy YT in the background.

Features of Audio Pocket.

  1. Convert YT Videos into MP3 songs.
  2. Plays YT Audio in the background like a music player.

As I promised these are the list of best YouTube alternative apps for Android. I assure you that you will really like this app because of its unique features that still not available in YouTube free version.

YouTube++ and YouTube vanced App exactly look and feel like the official YouTube app. I recommend you to download any of these two apps for a better UI like official YouTube.

Try one app from the above list today and feel free to comment below for any further assistance. I ensure you that I will revert you as soon as possible.

Also, if you already use any of YouTube Alternative Apps, please comment on your experience below so that the other readers of LatestSets will get benefited. Remember, sharing is caring.

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