10 Truecaller Alternative for Android You Must Try Today

Are you receiving a lot of calls from unknown numbers? If not, then you must be receiving a lot of Telemarketing or Tech Support Calls at any hour of a day. Well, you are not the only one to be suffering from this, a lot of peoples are disturbed too.

truecaller alternative
We get a Caller ID Pre-programmed in our Android Device, but it’s pretty much useless except it show the name only if its save in your Phone Book. So how can we get rid of this? Yes, Houston we have a solution!. TrueCaller or apps like TrueCaller is the answer; once you install TrueCaller, it will fetch the name of the guy or business called to you.

A bonus point is it will also show if some just marked it a spammed or scam call. Still, it’s not that perfect; it shows a lot of ads and creates an overlay on every notification. We will see of some of the best Truecaller Alternative in the Google PlayStore right now.

Why Should You Install Caller ID on Your Phone?

The TrueCaller and other apps are very popular these days and to be true they have spoiled a lot of Telemarketing business and Spammers. They collect data when you install in your smartphone and build a robust database to show the name of the Number’s Owner be it business or Individual. It will help you to detect the spam calls or calls from any unknown numbers.

Truecaller is one such all which is dominating the app store right now in the segment, and there is also 13 other Best Truecaller alternative to do the same job. Apart from caller ID, nowadays Such apps can read your messages too and flag them spams. You can also the keypad built with such apps to place a call to ensure you are calling the right guy. There are many such  Best Truecaller alternative both free and paid, we will discuss them later.

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How TrueCaller Gets the job done?

TrueCaller is an Auto Intelligence app which helps you to search and find unknown numbers online. When You install it in your Smartphone, it will ask for permission to Access to your Phonebook and scan all your numbers with names. Then it will simply upload it to the Truecaller Server, sometimes it even asks you for feedback about the number you called, or you received a call.

It works something similar to Google Maps. Just like in google map, you can add your own business and add more background info to it like Parking Place and how expensive it is.

Such as that, it also asks others to give feedback for a certain place like if it has good parking space or lift and a lot more. TrueCaller works in this manner; it will show you the data which are collected from other users. Still how it is possible to collect such huge data? Yes, it is possible. How? Well, Android has 54.5% Users Base in the USA and 600 Million Users from China and almost about 300 million user base from India.

Trucaller is installed over 100 million times from the Google play store and almost the same figure for the other App store.  How let you guess how much data they are dealing with?

Best Trucaller Alternative for Android

Truecaller is not the only player in the market, and we will discuss some of the apps like Truecaller. App to identify unknown callers and some sites like TrueCaller which you can use for your daily usage.


After Truecaller, WhosCall is the most downloaded app to identify unknown callers. This is also one of the best Truecaller alternative apps for Android. It will scan its database and show the name of the owner in the overlay while you place a call or receive a call, like apps similar to TrueCaller. This app will help to create a very personalised Caller ID which helps others to identify you very easily.


  • Personalised Caller ID.
  • Call Blacklist And Spam Filter.
  • Free Basic for Android and iOS.


TrapCall is one of the apps similar to TrueCaller but it is a premium App. This app is top recognised TrueCaller Alternative, as it is mentioned in the top publishers like The New York Times, Wired and the Washington Post. It can detect the caller name with its database, and it can even detect IVR Robot calls and Blocks them itself. It is often called the best Caller ID app in android as it pulls Image of the caller and name, and shows it in your Overlay.


This is not as popular as Truecaller, but you can refer it as best TrueCaller alternative, ask me why? This is a perfect app to detect unknown callers or robot if you have signed up for Contacts+ at least once.  This only has a web search site likes TrueCaller.  Just sign in, Search for the number, and you will have the basic info.


  • Word-Wide Phonebook with huge contracts.
  • Robot Call Detector and auto Blocker.
  • World Wide Contact Search.

Hiya – Caller ID & Block

This the app is rising to be the best caller id app for android. It has crossed over 10 million downloads worldwide, and its algorithm is much the same as Truecaller. Just like Apps similar to Truecaller, you can identify the owner of the number and block them if you wish. You can also place calls over this app which is common in apps like TrueCaller.


  • Easy Caller Identification.
  • Call Recording.
  • World Wide Number Search.


This the app is another best TrueCaller alternative, with almost same number checking Interface. It has 5 million hits till now in the Google Play store, and some suggest such apps similar to TrueCaller. So Creates overlay once you are engaged in a call, and the next part is that it can even record the call once you click on mic button on Overlay.  It comes Free as well as premium but can use this app to identify unknown callers. If you are looking for apps like TrueCaller, this is the best choice for you.


  • Real-Time Caller Id Fetching.
  • Spam SMS Filter.
  • On-Call Recording.


Mr.The number is one of the best Caller Id app. It has over 10 million Downloads in Play Store and quite the app like TrueCaller for android. It can be sued to block numbers as well as mark spam if the message is spammy. This app has all those features which apps like TrueCaller for Android Need to have. This app is like a real TrueCaller alternative as before TrueCaller was released it was a dominating app to identify unknown callers.


  • Smart Caller ID Search.
  • Auto Spam SMS Filter.
  • Spoof Call Detector.

DU Caller ID

If you are a regular Android user, you must have heard about Du at least once or twice. They are behind the development of some of the best battery saving app, Phone boosting app and launcher app. So they finally launched the best caller id app for android. It comes with all basic features which apps like Truecaller used to have. You can also block any number using this app. This app is developed to rival another TrueCaller alternative so these apps similar to TrueCaller.


  • Attractive Interface.
  • Smart Call Blacklist system.
  • SMS Filter and Reporting.


WhoWho is one of those apps like TrueCaller for android with supports Spam Filter along with all other basic features. It has mastered in spam calls just like some other Best TrueCaller alternative like Contacts+ and DU Caller ID. This app can recognise Spoof calls which most of the apps like TrueCaller for android don’t have with them. Still, it is not available for download in China but to their regulations but it is famous among other Asian Countries like Korea, Thailand, and Philipines.


  • Best Asain Caller Id App.
  • Spoof Call detector.
  • Not available in China.

Call Blacklist Pro

CallBlacklist Pro is in this arena for quite a long time, but it is not a popular caller ID app until now we have tested and reviewed this app. It comes with a small price, but the free version is not available for now. First of all, if you compare with other available apps to identify unknown callers, it works well in the United States. We are not sure about another part of the world. It has a very well built algorithm which helps you to combat most of the spam calls or Messages. Still, it is far from makes its name in the best caller id app in Android.


  • Powerful Caller ID Display in the
  • Smart AI SMS Filter.
  • Only Premium Version is available.

CIA – Caller ID & Call Blocker

This app got a very catchy name. This is one of those apps like Truecaller in android which is built for a long time with a par to features in TrueCaller. Well, it does not have any spy features like its Name CIA. Still, we can tell this app as best caller ID for Android In North America. This caller ID app is not so popular because of the less attractive interface. So no much details are available right now. Maybe the CIA is behind building this mysterious app.


  • Simple Interface
  • Huge USA Caller Database
  • Auto SMS Filter and Flagging

Should I Answer?

Should I Answer is one of the lightest apps like TrueCaller For Android as it is only 11 MB? It also offers Real-time overlay caller ID Display during call engagement. This app has a very simplistic and basic Interface. Just like some other best caller id apps in android, it works perfectly if you are Inside United States due to FCC verification of numbers. This app is very rich in the database and identifies all callers and SMS. It also offers Call Recording and Blocking all for free, still a lot of ads. But you can use AdBlocker app for Android to get rid of Ads.


  • Real-Time Caller Id Detection.
  • Basic Interface.
  • Perfect for USA based Android users due to its USA Rich Content.


There are lots of apps which are best Truecaller Alternative still they don’t work correctly as TrueCaller do. Truecaller while entering the market did a lot of promotions which generated a lot of downloads. It made its Database wide rich of Caller info. There are few sites like TrueCaller which enables you to look for any number around the world.

The Best Caller ID is our Attention; we should avoid giving our numbers to anyone who is unknown or suspicious. So the safe usage of the smartphone is essential. We should use different numbers for personal and Professional use. This simple step will help us to keep us away from unwanted trollers, telemarketers or scam calls.

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