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10+ Great Apps For Reverse Number Lookup On Android

5 Great Apps For Reverse Number Lookup On Android

Here in this article, we are just to tell you about some of the best reverse calls look up apps for the Android. Let’s have a look at 10+ Great Apps For Reverse Number Lookup On Android that will be greatly helpful in doing social engineering for the numbers that you want to look up for. Proceed with the complete guide below.

Advertising and marketing have already taken the whole world with great power and now each and every growing company relies on it for further growth. The different functional agencies do rely on the calling lead generation marketing in which they call up the customer and push them for their details and needs. As a regular phone user you probably t be familiar with all those types of calls which address you about the products or services of some agency. These are often regarded as spam calls. Most of the times the phone number service providers only call up the users and ask them to follow along with their new services or purely based services.

Almost every user wishes to block certain calls, you also might be fed up with such calls. For Android users, they did multiple apps on the play store that gave the information that these so work to block that spam calls potentially. Many of these apps are either fake or just don’t work up to the expectations. For the users those who all wish to totally block those spam calls, reverse call lookup apps are the best ways. Here in this article, we are just to tell you about some of the best reverse calls look up apps for the Android. If you are interested in checking these apps then please read out the whole article given below!

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10+ Great Apps For Reverse Number Lookup On Android

Below we had selected 3 of the best apps that best fit for this job as we selected them according to user rating, reviews, and download rates. So have a look at these apps below.

#1 Truth Finder

Truth FinderTruth Finder
Truth Finder

This is the best tweets phone number lookup app quick the users could find for their Android device. The reason that we are doing this app to be best is, it is immensely potent to search for any number details and the results are always much accurate. For the users, this app is available free of cost but there is the paid version too. In the free version, the users are restricted to only 10 phone number lookups but the limit could be removed through going this app for 9.9 dollars. This app pierce through the whole web and internet services to look for the information regarding the owner which includes the address, criminal history or any other related numbers! Users could then use those details to block certain malicious numbers which tend to disturb all the time.

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#2 Reverse Lookup

Reverse LookupReverse Lookup
Reverse Lookup

As the name of this app suggests, the basic and the course function of it is to just look for any unknown numbers that are not included in your contact lists. Those numbers which are unknown, you could look for the name related to that number on the internet. This work would be automated indeed. There is the free version app available and the paid one could be bought up at the rate of 2 dollars. There are no very differences between these two versions but still, the users get slightly more advanced search for those unknown numbers!

#3 Whoscall


This is the third and the last app that we are going to discuss in this article. Again as according to the article, this is another phone number lookup app for the Android. This so works actively all the time and reverted to look for the incoming call details every time. All those details are listed above on the call screen. For any of the number that you feel is a spam call, you could easily block it through the options inside the settings panel of this app. This app really works well to identify the numbers so we believe you would never miss capturing any Asian calls!

#4 Hiya


Hiya is basically an app which is much similar to Truecaller. This app lets you block calls from unwanted numbers, identify incoming calls and receive spam alerts. The app is powered by a database of hundreds of millions of phone numbers who depend on the app daily.

#5 Truecaller


Well, this is another free app which is very popular. This is one of the best apps which you can use to identify unknown calls, block spam calls and spam SMS. Truecaller can filter out the unwanted calls for you.

#6 Showcaller


Showcaller is another best Android app which is specially designed to identify fake calls. The app helps users to know the caller id so that they can avoid spam, scam, telemarketing calls. Not only these, but the app also features built-in call blockers, number dialer, call recorder which are of great use. So, show caller is another best Android app for reverse number lookup.

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#7 Real Caller

Real CallerReal Caller
Real Caller

Real Caller claims that it uses the genuine phone book to identify spam calls. Well, the app is used for reverse number lookup because it helps users to identify the caller id. Well, the app uses the internet connection to find and give you information about the caller id. Just like all other apps, Real Caller also comes with a built-in call blocker which allows users to block spam and scam calls.

#8 Dialer, Phone, Call Block & Contacts by Simpler

Dialer, Phone, Call Block & Contacts by SimplerDialer, Phone, Call Block & Contacts by Simpler
Dialer, Phone, Call Block & Contacts by Simpler

Well, if you are looking for a good looking reverse number lookup app for Android, then Dialer, Phone, Call Block & Contacts by Simpler could be the best choice. The app comes with a great interface and it houses lots of features like block calls, T9 dialer, beautiful themes and much more. The app also allows users to identify caller id, but, it’s not much effective compared to all other listed above.

#9 CallApp


This is another best and new app which allows users to identify unknown caller ID & Unknown numbers. Actually, CallApp comes with lots of extraordinary features like Auto call recorder, Phone number looking, Call blocker, T9 Dialer & contact apps. The another best thing about CallApp is that it can show you all the public information of Caller ID.

#10 Should I Answer?

Should I AnswerShould I Answer
Should I Answer

Well, it’s actually not an app for reverse number lookup, and it’s more like a mobile security app. The app shows phone number rating immediately when the phone starts to ring. Basically, this app helps users to prevent telemarketing, robocall, spam and scam calls. Another best thing about the app is that it works offline and it doesn’t need a working internet connection.

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#11 Reverse Lookup Pro

Reverse Lookup ProReverse Lookup Pro
Reverse Lookup Pro

Reverse Lookup Pro is another best Android app which allows users to easily perform a 100% free reverse phone lookup search. However, Reverse Lookup Pro is only meant for US citizens as it can only search for US Numbers. Not just that, but Reverse Lookup Pro also allows users to block unwanted calls with its advanced call blocker. So, Reverse Lookup Pro is another best Android app which you can use right now.

#12 Sync.ME

Sync meSync me
Sync me

Sync.ME is another best Android app on the list which you can for Reverse Number Lookup on Android. The best thing about Sync.ME is that it asks users to link their social network accounts through which it grabs user details and shows it to other users. The concept can bother lots of people, but its one of the best app which you can use for reverse number lookup on Android.

#13 Eyecon


Eyecon is another best Android reverse number lookup app that you can use right now. The best thing about Eyecon is that it effectively syncs with Facebook and other social media platforms to identify the caller. Not just that, but the app also offers few customization options as well. Yes, you can also block spam calls with Eyecon. So, Eyecon is definetely the best Reverse number lookup app that you can use right now.

We have listed all those known best apps which are categorized under the phone number lookup section. You possibly would not find any better apps than these apps for the purpose on your Android. We hope that you liked the article, we shall be waiting for your auspicious comments in the below section!

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