10 Best Flight Booking Apps in India in 2019

10 Best Flight Booking Apps in India by DigitMize

Booking a flight ticket is not a big deal as a lot of Flight Booking App and websites are available today. But when it comes to booking a cheap flight ticket, it is always a headache as different apps show different prices for the same route at the same time and day.

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Sometimes the difference may be huge especially in case of booking an emergency flight ticket.

So I recommend you to check the price for a ticket on various apps before you book your next ticket. This will help you to find some fantastic deals and discounts to save money on flight fare.

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Most of the Flight Operators and booking apps offer some discounts and money back offers for almost every flight ticket booking. You will get more benefits if you are booking round trip tickets.

In this article, I will introduce you to a list of 10 best Flight Booking Apps in India in 2019. Just browse through these apps and choose one with best offers and lowest a convenience fee.

Best Flight Booking Apps In India

I carefully picked these ten best apps to book cheap flights in India for Domestic and International tickets.

1. EaseMyTrip

EaseMyTrip App is one of my favourite app that I always prefer when it comes to booking a flight ticket. As the app name says, EaseMyTrip offers easy flight booking at a fantastic price.

In addition to flight ticket booking, it also offers attractive deals in Hotel Booking, Holiday Packages, car booking, etc.


It offers flight tickets at “Zero” convenience fee whereas other flight booking apps charge ₹200 to ₹400 rupees as the convenience fee for each passenger. It is not a small amount for people like me and you. So we can tell that there are no hidden charges in EaseMyTrip.

I always check this app first when I plan to travel with family as it does not have a convenience fee. You must also try this app to book tickets with Zero convenience fee.

These are the main reason why I prefer  EaseMyTrip to book my tickets over other apps.

It also offers 24*7 customer service for your travel related queries.

Features Of EaseMyTrip

  1. Easy to navigate across the app.
  3. It offers Fantastic Holiday deals and Honeymoon Packages.
  4. Exciting Deals on Car, Bus, and Hotel Bookings.

2. Akbar Travels

Akbar Travels is one of the most popular flight booking app available today. It can meet all your travel needs like booking cheap flight tickets, Holiday Packages, Hotel, Bus or car booking. It also offers free Forex services at your doorstep. iOS users can download the app from here.

One of the unique features of Akbar Travels app is a free Treatment Plan for your medical condition from the best hospitals in the city. It includes the details of the doctor, Estimated cost of treatment and the expected stay in the hospital. It is beneficial when you are away from home.

This is a good initiative by Akbar Travels. They have just think beyond just booking a flight ticket or hotel room.

Features of Akbar Travels

  1. Attractive user interface and navigation.
  2. Chat Support.
  3. This App Offers great deals on Flight Tickets, Hotel Bookings, and other Tour Packages.
  4. Door Step Forex Services.
  5. Akbar Travels App Supports six different languages.
  6. Book Domestic and International Flight Bookings.

3. MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip is one of the top players in the Indian market. It is an all in one app for all your travelling needs from Booking a Cheap Flight ticket to booking a hotel. It offers attractive deals on both Domestic and International Tickets.

MakeMyTrip’s website and mobile app are user-friendly. Filters and navigation help you to filter the best result for your booking needs.

iOS user can download the app from here.

Through MakeMyTrip App, you can also book Train Tickets with Zero Service charge and Payment Gateway Charge. Train Ticket cancellation procedure will also give you a hassle-free experience with MakeMyTrip.

Benefits of MakeMyTrip

  1. MakeMyTrip Offers best deals in the industry on all your ticket booking needs.
  2. 24/7 Chat support.
  3. Support Train Ticket Booking.
  4. Book both Domestic and International Tickets with great deals.

4. Cleartrip

Cleartrip is another best flight booking apps in India to book your flight tickets at a low price.

It is effortless to book flight tickets with this app because of its simple UI and navigation menu.

In addition to Flight Ticket booking, it also provides services such as train ticket booking and hotel room bookings.

Benefits of Cleartrip

  1. Book Tickets Faster.
  2. Offer good deals on Flight and Hotel Room Bookings.
  3. Use the filter for best deals.
  4. Customer Support.
  5. Fare Alert.

5. Goibibo

Goibibo is an all in one app for all your travelling needs ranging from booking a ticket on a cab to a flight. It offers deals and discounts on Domestic and international air ticket bookings.

It also has a flight tracking tool which alerts you if there is any change or delay in the schedule.


Download Goibibo app on iOS devices from here.

Features of Goibibo App

  1. Allows Train Ticket Booking.
  2. Flight Alert.
  3. Availability of Great Deals and Discounts.

6. Yatra

Yatra is another favourite Flight Ticket Booking Apps in India. It offers Hotel, Train, Bus and Car ticket booking on a single App.

It helps you to book international and domestic flight ticket booking at a reasonable price. Make use of the filter to find the most suitable flight tickets for you.

iPhone users download the app from here.

In addition to ticket booking services, it also offers Holiday, Honeymoon and Adventure Pakeges.

People those who like adventures can make use of this app at a starting price of ₹4500+.

Benefits of Yatra

  1. Popular Cheap Flight Ticket Booking App in India.
  2. Book Domestic and International Flight Tickets.
  3. Yatra offers a variety of packages like Honeymoon Package, Adventure Package, etc.

7. Via App

Via is one of the best flight booking apps in India based on Banglore with over one lac partners across the Globe. This makes them capable of providing good deals and discounts.

In addition to flight tickets, it also offers Holiday Packages, Hotel, Car and Bus ticket bookings.

Via app For iOS

Like Akbar Travels, it also offers Forex Services to its customers.

Features of Via

  1. 24/7 customer service.
  2. Book Flight tickets in three easy steps through Via Mobile App.
  3. ViaApp offers excellent discounts on Air Tickets and Bus tickets book through mobile Application.
  4. Via Supports Gas and Electricity Bill Payment as well.
  5. Pay later and Pay at Hotel feature is available with

8. PayTm

PayTM is leading e-wallet and e-commerce company in India. It also offers great discounts and cashback deals on Flight Ticket booking in India. PayTM offers both Domestic and International Flight Booking at a discounted price.

In addition to Air ticket Booking for Travelers, it also offers Train Ticket Booking, Holiday Packages, and Hotel Booking as well.

You already have PayTm App installed on your device if you do not installed yet, then you can download right from here.

Download PayTm App for iOS devices from here.

Benefits of PayTm Flight Booking Services

  1. Book instant Air ticket booking using PayTM wallet.
  2. At the time of writing this article, PayTM offers 100% cash back on convenience fee.
  3. 24/7 PayTM flight support for free.
  4. PayTM also offers Train Ticket Booking and Forex Services for Travelers.

9. Sky Scanner

The next in the list of Best Flight Booking Apps in India is Sky Scanner App. It is an excellent app to compare flight tickets from different airlines to find cheap flight tickets.

iPhone users, please use this link to download Sky scanner App from iOS Store for free.

It also compares flight ticket price on different websites like, Expedia, Akbar Travels, etc. This is the only app which compares air ticket price from various online Air travel company websites as well.

This helps you to search and find cheap flight tickets using a single app. So you do not need to check multiple apps to find the cheapest air ticket in the market at any point in time.

10. IRCTC Air

IRCTC Air is an app to book flight tickets at a comparably lower price. It also offers Domestic and International air ticket booking services at a reasonable price.

Benefits of IRCTC Air

  1. Book Both Domestic and International Tickets.
  2. It offers a minimum convenience fee and free travel insurance.
  3. IRCTC Air supports 50+ payment gateways.

Now you have a list of best flight booking apps in India to find cheapest Domestic and International Flight tickets at the lowest price available in the market.

Now sit on a chair with a pen and paper and browse through all the above listed best app to book cheap flights in India. Now write down the price offered by different apps including convenience fee and other offers to find the cheapest ticket.

I used to do this method to book a flight ticket every time. It may take some time, but it can save some money for you to have coffee with your family.

Always check the fare break up the list of the fare to check for any additional charges and convenience fee before you make the payment. Different Travel Agencies charges different charges as a convenience fee.

As I said earlier, EaseMyTrip has “Zero” convenience charge on flight bookings. Now PayTm also offers 100% cash back on convenience fee. However, you must check this while checking the price details on different apps.

I am happy if I could help you save some money on your next flight ticket booking. Please comment below if you think this article was helpful for you. Also, say below if you use any apps which are not listed in the list to book flight tickets at the lowest price.

Note: LatestSets or its contributors are not associated with any of the app listed above. It is an independent review by the author.

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