10 Best AD Blocker for Android Device You Must Know

10 Best AD Blocker App for Android Device You Must Know

Using the internet has become more popular and also considered to be an essential thing among all people globally. Without the internet, it is too complicated for many in terms of surviving. At this stage, while browsing the web pages for various reasons, we used to experience the ads popping up on the display screen which makes it annoying for most of the time.

Best VPN Android apps to try in 2019, Best AD Blocker App for Android

To sort out this issue, most of the people are seeking for the perfect solution. Yes, with the help of best ad blocker for Android, one can easily block the ads and make your browsing smoother. Because of these reasons, ad blocker app for Android is the most popular apps with high demand today. So it is worth to discuss the best ad blocker app for android.

What is Adblocker?

Thus the Ad blocker is all about blocking the annoying ads from popping up on your screen while browsing. Generally, we used to experience the ads most of the time during the browsing for various processes like education, business and more. During this process, appearing ads will make you irritatable for sure. If you are the one who is really in need of a solution to avoid the Ads and make your browsing without hassles can utilise any of these best ad blocker app for Android at any time.

When it comes to Adblocker, you can find a lot of best Ad blocker app for Android device available in the market to download for a better experience. As per your convenience, you can choose the right ad blocker and download then install it for better usage on your Android device without hassles. For your information, you can find a lot of best ad blocker for Android available for free to download on your Android device.

How does it work?

It is such a common thing that most of the people are used to think about how it works. First of all, it is essential for the person to download and run an ad blocking app when it comes to an Android device. Now, it is necessary for you to open the browser to visit the respective website that you want. During the time of web page loading, this ad blocking app takes a look over the site and then its scripts. Then they block any suspicious script and all other ad scripts. In case, if it finds any, then it will proceed further to block.

When it comes to Ad blockers, one can get many best ad blocker for android available in the market and download it. So, people who all are seeking for the best Ad blocker app for Android to download can follow the below-mentioned list. Hope it will be helpful for all the seekers those who are looking for a long time.

10 Best Ad Blocker for Android

Here we have a list of top 10 best ad blocker app for android which can block unwanted ads and scripts. By blocking the ads and other malware scripts, it can save your data plan and battery as well.

Best Ad Blocker App For Android

1. DNS 66 For Android
If You are very much aware of technical, or you are a tech person, then you may be aware that the VPN based ad blockers are considered to be the best thing. DNS 66 app blocks ads by going towards the DNS level as well as the hostnames.

This kind of application is mainly used to generate the local VPN interface which will help to receive all the server traffic and lead to blocking the ads. It does not only help to prevent the ads on your browsers but also across the mobile system.

It is said to be the excellent best ad blocker for android that helps to enhance the best performance.
Advantages of DNS66

  • It can overcome the geo-restriction of websites.
  • Improved speed.
  • You can enable parental controls.
  • It is more secure than any other apps.
  • Endure phishing protection.
  • No root access required.


  1. Adblock Fast

This best ad blocker for android is mainly similar to the other ad-blockers mentioned here. If you are looking for this type of best ad blocker app for android to download, then you can get it for free at any time.

When it comes to download and install this ad blocker app on your Android device, it doesn’t require any rooting process. This application will also allow blocking acceptable ads, unlike the other apps.

Also, it will help to offer the possible usage of disk space, memory space and PU cycles. Once the installation is completed on your device, then it will be easy for the people to block the ads on your device.

Advantages of AdBlock Fast.

  • It is specially designed for Samsung Smartphones.
  • As it is the part of an open source project, it is free to download and modify.
  1. Appbrain Ad Detector

This add blocker android app is one of the best ad blockers among free ad blocker apps. Once you installed this app into your device, it auto detects all the other apps with spam ads and notifications. The developers of the Appbrain Ad Detector claims that it can identify over 70 infected apps with irritating spam notifications and ads. Here I will tell you why you should install this app in your device.

Advantages of Appbrain Ad Detector

  • It can identify adware and spyware and allow you to remove it.
  • This app helps you to prevent irritating push notifications while you browse the internet.
  1. Adaway

Adaway adblocker app is considered to be the another best ad blocker app for android device. This application chases all the annoying ads and blocks the ads without hassles. It is also a very simple and user-friendly ad blocker for Android available today in the app stores. When an app request for an advertisement to the server, the Adaway App redirect this request to some other server. As a result, the ads fail to display on your Android device. Adaway is said to be the one-time setup and considered to be the best ad blocker for Android device. Unfortunately, it works only on rooted android devices only.

Download Adaway Apk From Mediafire

Advantages of Adaway

  • It helps to save data and also increase browsing speed by blocking ads.
  • You can also site to white list or black list as per your wish.
  1. Adguard Content Blocker

Are you using a Yandex browser and a Samsung Smartphone? Then the Adgurd app is for you. It does not block ads in any other apps or browsers.  You do not require root file access to block ads using this app.
Additionally, it also offers the best level of features which doesn’t require any complicated process. So, how this app block the ads? Well, it creates a local VPN connection and blocks the ads, malicious content, and trackers. Adguard also ensures the safety of your precious data by preventing access to malicious apps or hackers.

Advantages of Adguard

  • It does not require root access.
  • Works perfectly with Yandex Browser and Samsung Internet Browser.
  • This is a free ad blocker app for android.
  1. NetGuard

It is considered to be the best ad blocker for android which supports both the rooted a well as non-rooted Android devices. If you are looking for this app to download, you can easily find it in the Google Play Store to download. The NetGuard app is very simple to access, and it is also named as an app with a clean interface. This fantastic ad blocker app for Android is considering as the ultra customizable app. Also, you can manually add both the apps and websites to a list to deny access when it connected to the internet. Additionally, by using this adblocker app, you can save the internet data plan and stop battery drain by stopping apps from connecting to the internet.

Advantages of NetGuard

  • It not a complicated app. I mean it is effortless to use.
  •  Save mobile data.
  • Also helps to save battery.
  • Root Acces not required.
  1. CM Browser

This Best ad blocker app for Android is said to be a very simple and efficient way to block ads. CM Browser is available for free download on Google PlayStore. It can block the ad pop-ups while you are browsing the web pages. This application will give you a smooth browsing experience without any further interruptions in between.
It is also offering the protection of identity as well as increased web- security. In addition to that, it can automatically detect the videos while you browse the internet and converts it into a downloadable format. After the existing this app, all your browsing history will get erased automatically.

Advantages of CM Browser

  • It is a browser-based ad blocker app.
  • Prevent pop up ads.
  • It scans files for malware.
  • Warns you about suspicious links and websites.
  • No root access required.
  • Free to download and use.
  1. Cynergy Adskip for YouTube

It is the application which will be helpful to skip the advertisement before the video starts to play on YouTube. When it comes to the download and installation process, it doesn’t require any rooting access on your device.
This best ad blocker for android comes up with a simple interface which helps the people who used to watch the YouTube videos often. One should keep it in mind; it is essential for you to enable the accessibility service which will help to tap the advertisements.

Download Cynergy Adskip For YouTube apk

Advantages of Cynergy Adskip for YouTube

  • Best way to stop seeing ads while watching YouTube videos.
  • Rooting not required.
  • Free to use.
  1. DNS Changer by Blokada

DNS Changer By Blockada not only changes the DNS but also said to be the robust ad blocker app for the Android device. This app offers the stability, speed, ensures minimal data usage and battery usage. As a result, you can prevent excess battery drain by the other apps. This ad blocker for Android is free to use and easy to access without any hassles as it is the part of an open project.

For your information, this the application helps to keep your data safe, and it will also allow the user to filter the websites by blocking or unblocking as per your convenience.

Advantages of DNS Changer by Blokada

  • Easy to use.
  • Free to use as it is the part of an open source programme.
  • Saves Battery.
  1. Adblock Browser For Android

AdBlock The browser app is the best ad blocker app for android and which will be helpful for the non-rooted Android device users to block ads. You can download this ad blocker for Android device for free from Google Play Store.  This browser can give you clear control over your browsing activity.

Advantages of Adblock Browser For Android

  • It is an adblocker browser.
  • Secure browsing by blocking malicious sites.
  • Stanford University recommends it as the best ad blocker for Android.
  • Easy to use.


In general, most of the mobile users used to browse websites as per their interest but by facing a lot of annoying advertisements appear in between. So, people who all are profoundly mess up with the irritating ads appearing on the screen while browsing can sort it out with the help of one of the best ad blocker app for Android.

However, as per your convenience, you can choose the right app and install it for further benefits. By blocking the ads, it helps you to browse smoothly to the internet and apps and also help you to save data and Battery.

Overuse of ad blocker is also not recommended. I will tell you why. The ads are the source of income for many sites and apps. They need money to run the website and provide you with their services. In case, we overuse adblockers; they may start to charge for their services in the future.

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